Results 9-1-2018

    Auto City Speedway Results 9-1-18   So Mother Nature decided to show up last Saturday, along with Megasaurus, the Herald Pure Stocks, the All American Truck Series, the Lipstick Ladies and a full pit of Maximum Destruction competitors. The night started off with rain and enough to keep the dust down and more, but that was not going to stop the action at Auto City Speedway. It did scramble the schedule a bit, scratching qualifying and the heat races. The green [...]

Results August 11th

Results August 11th Superheros, bikes, scooters, racing, destruction, Monster Truck rides and more…Auto City Speedway had it all last Saturday night. The Clayton family organized a bike-giveaway that drivers, crews, Auto City, and sponsors donated 75 bikes to be given away this night and it was nothing but exciting for the kids. Also, there was a Superhero parade on the track for anyone who was dressed as a Superhero. With a warm night and the pits full of competitors and the [...]


A BIGGGGGG welcome to Auto City's new flagman, working with Rusty Daggett. Caleb Beecher is the son of AATruck driver Josh Beechler (#98). As a kid, Caleb loved to come to all the race nights with Josh and learned how to flag in his seat in the stands. Years later here he is as a new flagman at his home track. Some things just go full circle  Welcome Caleb Beechler Dad says "So proud of Caleb... as a young boy my Uncle Dave (Renee Lee) [...]