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Muffler Man -Super Maximum Destuction Weekend Results


Auto City Speedway

Muffler Man -Super Maximum Destuction Weekend Results

Auto City Speedway Results 7-30/31-21
This past weekend, Auto City Speedway held their “Muffler Man of Michigan Mardi Gras Maximum Destruction” two-night event that were packed with plenty of racing action and destruction, but also an added bonus, the Street-stocks were part of the Saturday show for the “Jay 50” in honor of Michigan Motorsports Hall of Famer, Jay Woolworth, after being rained out from the week before.
So, Friday night started the weekend off. Included on Friday were the Modifieds, Herald Pure Stocks, Muffler Man All American Trucks, Lipstick Ladies, City 6 Cylinders and destruction races.
First up was qualifying for the Mods on the half-mile and it was David McManus (#7) getting fast time with a 15.65. In the Herald Pure Stocks, it was Michael Hayes (#12) with a 16.04 on the quarter-mile and in the Muffler Man All American Trucks, it was Josh Delong (#067) clocking in with fast time of 17.29.
Mod heat races were up first and it was Robbie Johnson (#21) getting the win. In the second heat it was Scott Lamp (#2) getting the checkered.
In the Lipstick Ladies race, it was Barb Boone (#66) getting the win over 2019 Champion Amanda Clayton (#53).
The new introductory class of the “City 6 Cylinders” were next up and Emily Clayton (#2) took the early lead and was battling with Silas Mccaslin (#12) and when going into turn three and four on the last lap, Mccaslin dove to the inside tangling with Emily which allowed Cienna Snover (#32) get by on the outside for her very first win in that series.
The Herald Pure Stocks heat races were next and it was veteran “Rapid” Rod Marsh (#36) getting the checkered over Tim Kirby (#81).
In the second heat, it was Michael Hayes (#12) getting the win driving J.T. Clayton’s #54 as a backup being Hayes blew a motor a week before. Followed by Chad Lamson (#888).
The Muffler Man All American Truck heats were now up and it was Greg Long (#21) in a new built truck getting the victory followed by Walt Dalrymple (#J21).
The second heat was won by Josh Delong (#067) followed by Zach Lopez (#18).
On the schedule next was the Modified 35 lap feature. Evan Keating (#15) and Robbie Johnson (#21) lead the field to the green. The Mods were definitely hooked up on the half-mile as everyone was battling for position from the leader on back. Early contenders were Nick Clemons (#116), Trevor Berry (#37), Jason Congdon (#4c), Scott Lamp (#2) and Johnson. Last feature winner, Josh Ware (#7w) was in the mix, but ended up having issues that left him out of the battle. When the checkered flag flew, it was Berry getting the win.
The Auto City figure 8’s were now set, and it was Tony Williams (#97) taking the win over Chad Lamson who was right at Williams back bumper as they crossed the finish line. Note, the #36 of Marsh and Jim Cudd (#1) did have a meeting at the intersection, with Cudd driving off, but Marsh’s car, not so much. Both drivers were OK from the hit.
Now it was onto the destruction part of the night and the Flag Pole race for the cars was first up. After the 10 laps were completed, it was Scott Kinney (#77) getting the win.
The I-75 race was set and after the 20 laps, it was the new Max D truck of Jason Grissom (#224) taking the win. An added note, Jeremy Snyder (#00) ended up taking a few rolls in his truck during that race. After the safety crew getting him out (which he did land on all 4 wheels), he was checked out by EMS at the track and was shaken, but all was good.
They did have a burnout contest this night and it was Paul Rigda III getting the ‘smoke award’ voted by the fans for best burnout.
The 50 lap Enduro was next and Jason Grissom (#224) lead the early laps, but as the field stretched out, it was Josh Delong (#067 Max D truck) finishing first.
So now it was onto Saturday night. Besides being a Mardi Gras Maximum Destruction, the street-stocks from the week before were added due to the rain cancellation.
Street-stock qualifying was first on the agenda and it was Jeff Owens (#65) Camaro with a 14.97 nudging out Robby Johnston (#55) Camaro’s time of 14.98 and Jake Thompson (#50) Chevelle of 15.00. With these qualifying times, you knew the racing was going to be stellar. The night started off with one of Jay Woolworth’s favorite kinds of racing, the Australian Pursuits. This is a race where the competitors are lined up single file and once racing starts, if you are passed, you are eliminated. Being there were 25 street-stocks registered for the night, it led to having three of these races. The first was won by Tony Williams (#97). The second race went to Duane Damon (#2d) who had not been back to the track in nine years. In the third race it was Scott Dann (#1$).
The Herald Pure Stock 30 lap feature was next and it was a battle for sure. It was Tim Kirby (#81) and Rick Smith (#98) leading the pack to the green. Early leader was Smith while the rest jockeyed for position. By lap 5, it was the likes of Tony Williams (#97) getting to the top spot followed by Michael Hayes and Smith. Williams did cut down a right front that created a bit of a pile up in turns one and two, with Kirby getting the worst of it. Lap 12, Hayes had to exit as his hood flew up and he went to the pits to have that attended to. Bruce Dunton Jr. (#19) ended up at the front followed by Chad Lamson (#888) and Hunter Doutre (#73). On lap 13, Lamson got the lead away from Dunton on a restart.
When the checkered flag flew, it was Lamson, Dunton and Doutre respectfully.
Now it was time for the “JAY 50” memorial race. Fifty laps around the quarter-mile for the street-stocks. It was Adam Rowe (#0) and Scott Dann (#1$) leading them to the green flag. The beginning of the 50 lapper definitely had its challenges as it seemed that ‘yellow’ was the favorite color for the most part. With drivers from different tracks, including dirt tracks, plus drivers who had never raced at Auto City Speedway before, did make it a bit difficult in the early goings. For the most part, it was Adam Rowe leading the caution filled first 20 laps with contenders of Robbie Johnston (#55), Jeff Owens (#65), Jesse Collinge (#25), Johnny Hayden (#96), Jake Thompson (#50) and Bob Farley (#2). On another driver note, veteran driver of fifty-seven years, Bob Dickie was part of the race with his 1968 Chevelle #40. Once the field got settled down, it was Bob Farley getting to the lead and never looked back. It was the first time for Farley in his 1986 Carmaro ever racing at Auto City Speedway. Following Farley was the grandson of Jay Woolworth and traditionally a dirt tracker, Jake Thompson (#50). In the third finishing spot was Scottie Ullman (#41). There was an on track presentation of awards and trophies from the Woolworth and Thompson families to the winner. This event was a certain heartfelt tribute to one of Auto City Speedways own, the legendary, Jay Woolworth.
Before any other racing went on, it was time for the Mardi Gras Parade. All the competitors with their families and crews drove down the front stretch tossing over 10,000 beads to the crowd while Cajun music played. Then it was back to the racing action.
Racing wasn’t done by any means as it was the Muffler Man All American Trucks 30 lap feature race for the fifteen competitors next. Greg Long (#21) and Zack Lopez (#18) brought them around to the green. Long got the jump to be the early leader followed by Lopez and Jason Grissom (#224). By lap four, it was Grissom leading the way. It did not take long as within a couple laps, Josh Delong (#067) had worked his way up to second. On lap nine, Delong got the lead with Grissom and Paul Rigda III (#43) in tow. When the checkered was flying, the finish was Delong, Rigda and Grissom.
It was now time for the destruction part of the night and it started with the ever so popular “Boat Race”. After 3 laps, all the competitors, except one, lost their boats giving the win to Kenneth Mcnarney (#006) with his boat still attached.
The Draggin race was next and it was Jason Grissom (#224 Max D truck) getting the win.
The Chain-gang race was up and the team of Josh Delong and James Rifki (#067) got the win.
The Reverse race was set and yes, it is just as you read it, racing in reverse. Once the backwards racing was done, it was Paul Rigda III (#43) winning.
The Truck Flag Pole race was on the schedule now and Josh Delong (#067 Max D truck) took the checkered.
Another I-75 race was tonight and after all the chaos was done with the twenty one competitors for the 20 laps, it was Delong again with another win.
Now the Push Race was ready and, yep, you guessed it, the team of Delong and Rifki for the win.
The second to last race of the night was the School Bus Figure 8 and it was Anthony Richardson taking the checkered.
The last race of the night was the Trailer Figure 8 race and it was Delong putting the exclamation point onto the end of the night to complete the two nights of excitement.
Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a three day Drift Show at Auto City.
Check out all the details on upcoming events at and “We’ll See You at the City”.
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