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                                           Auto City Speedway Results FRIDAY 7/26 + 7/27/19
The double header, 2 day Maximum Destruction event at Auto City Speedway (Clio, MI) ended up being an epic event. Nice weather, good food, lots of action and a whole lot of competitors and fans alike was the setting.
Friday night was the kick off and consisted of qualifying, racing and Maximum Destruction!!!
Qualifying set the field for the two days, and in the All American Truck series it was the familiar black #067 of Josh Delong getting the top spot with a 17:47. In the Herald Pure Stocks, it was Bruce Dunton Jr. winning the pole with a 16.18. When the racing program started, it was the Lipstick Ladies up first. It was again defending champion, Amanda Clayton #53, getting yet another win, with Barb Boone #22 following getting second.
The Herald Pure Stock heat race was next and fast qualifier Dunton Jr. jumped into second by the end of the first lap and into the lead by lap two. He ended up getting the win over #12 of Michael Hayes and James Clayton #54 (NOTE: Clayton was driving the #53 Amanda Clayton’s normal ride). The All American Trucks were next with the first of three heat races. In heat one, it was the blue #55 of Anthony “Duvi” Duvernois getting his first AAT win, second was Dan Avis #512 and Zach Ford’s #14 getting third. The second heat race went to Anthony Richardson in his #422 followed by the #25H of Jimmy Hardin and third went to Zach Lopez in the #18.The final heat race for the AAT went to the #03 of Jake Zervan, after early leader Josh Beechler #98 faded. Second went to Josh Delong #067 and third to Nick DeBoer #74. The destruction races were now up starting with the first of two Flag Pole races. The #324 of James Quinn from Clare got his first win with that race and it was the Max D truck #067 of Josh Delong getting the win in the second Flag Pole race.The Auto City Figure 8’s were next on the agenda and it was the #888 Silver Bullet of Chad Lamson getting the win to continue his reign in this series. Jeff West was the early leader until Lamson got up to battle with him. West in his #3W came home second with Delong’s Max D truck getting third. The 50 lap Enduro race was next and once it was said and done from the thirty five competitors, it was again Josh Delong in his Max D #067 truck getting the win over Justin Pepitone’s #948 as they battled through the crazy traffic.The roster now had the I-75 race and with twenty one drivers, it got to be wild and woolly maneuvering around the school buses. When the checkered flag flew, it was Darby Christensen’s purple #23 coming home the victor.There was a burnout contest as well this night and it was Josh Delong using his Max D truck beating out Brent Mars’ lil Chevy II Gasser for the crowd’s vote. It was now onto the Spectator Drags and it was Darby Christensen in his bronze Charger beating Josh Delong in his white Chevy pickup and the rest of the field in a king of the hill style competition. 
Saturday night, night 2 of the double header, consisted of a Mardi Gras theme, feature races for the points series and a whole lot more Maximum Destruction. With the stands packed, you could feel it in the air it was going to be a fun and exciting night.First on the schedule was the All American Truck 30 lap feature. Early leader Anthony Richardson in his #422 had a pretty commanding lead as the twenty three other drivers got sorted out vying for position. Battles ensued with the #067 of Delong (in his AAT truck), #43 Paul Rigda III, #03 Zervan and the #74 of DeBoer. When it was all said and done, it was defending champion Josh Delong getting the win with Zervan, Richardson, Rigda and DeBoer respectfully.The Herald Pure Stock 30 lap feature was on the roster now, and when the green flag dropped the #81 of Tim Kirby jumped out to an early lead leaving the field behind. Once the momentum picked up, it was the yellow and purple #19 of Bruce Dunton Jr. getting his first feature win this year and stating it was in honor of his dad, Bruce Sr., who passed earlier this year. Coming out onto the track to congratulate Dunton was Michigan Motorsports Hall of Famer and retired street stock driver, Jay Woolworth, who was very good friends with Dunton Sr. It was a true heartfelt moment for Bruce Jr. Also note, Bruce did the 'clean sweep' being fast time, heat race and feature winner.Finishing second was Michael Hayes #12, third the #54 of J.T. James Clayton, forth went to Tim Kirby #81 and Jeff West’s #3W came home fifth.The good ole ‘Boat Race’ was next and with thirteen drivers pulling boats, it was wilder than a tsunami. Boats were scattered everywhere, becoming dislodged and challenging for all. When the water settled, it was Darby Christensen #23 getting the win with his boat barely intact.The Draggin Race was now up and it was the #7 of "B-Rad" Brad Reseigh, of Goin’ Broke Racin’, getting the win.
Then it was time for the Mardi Gras parade and what a fun time that was. As the Cajun music played, many of the drivers, staff and more drove down the front stretch tossing out over 10,000 beads to the fans. Josh Beechler, owner of JB's Delicious Delight's and driver of the #98 AAT, was even tossing out fresh baked cookies to the crowd as well. It was a fun time had by all.Once the parade was over, on the schedule now was the Chain Gang race. With twelve teams equaling twenty four vehicles, it was the #067 team of Josh Delong (puller) and James Rifki (pullie) taking the win. A very unique race was on the agenda as well, called the Reverse Race. Yes, where the drivers had to drive in reverse. There were fifteen drivers who accepted the challenge and boy what a challenge it was. As the winner, Paul Rigda III’s #43 truck came across the finish line for the win, the #711 of Shane Dennie did not quite see that Rigda was flipping his truck to the forward position and hit him in the tailgate pretty much at full speed making Dennie’s car shorter than it already was. Both drivers were OK. Another unique race called the Hood Race was also on the schedule. Drivers race with their hoods in a locked open position. It was Rigda showing the competitors and fans, not only can he drive backwards and win, he can do it going forward with his hood up as he took the win for this race as well. The Push race was now up and the #067 team again of Delong and Rifki got the win. In pursuit was the #948 / #80 team of Justin Pepitone and Gerald Persails Jr. The School Buses came out for their Figure 8 race and it was Anthony Richardson getting the win. During the race, the bus driven by Paul Rigda III lost its brakes and tagged the bus of Justin Pepitone almost knocking it on its side and taking Rigda out of competition. So the final race of the two day event was the Trailer Figure 8 race and WOW is the only word to describe it. As attrition wore on the field of ten competitors, it was the #88 of Dillon Eaton getting the crowds attention. Dillon had a full size van pulling a huge camper trailer, which everyone wanted to see get blasted. As Eaton almost casually drove around the Figure 8 lap after lap, it was just a matter of time, which it did get hit at the X. Once he went around the first turn after, the shell basically fell off, but he was not done yet. The trailer portion he was towing was still rolling and as he came by his ‘left behind’ shell, he drove straight into it, disintegrating it into pieces. As the crowd cheered over the roar of the racing, it was that Max D #067 truck of Delong taking the last checkered flag for the night, only accenting it with about a thirty second burnout to put the final exclamation point on the double header weekend.
Next week is the Midwest Super Modifieds, the only time they will be in Michigan. Check out all the details on upcoming events at and “We’ll See You at the City”.
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