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Results July 1st


Auto City Speedway

Results July 1st

Auto City Results 7/1/17
Well you couldn’t have asked for better weather for the Maximum Destruction show sponsored by Muffler Man of Michigan this past Saturday. With the sun shining, the crowd pouring in, the competitors primed and the activities ready, it was a perfect combination for a night full of fun and excitement for all.
The evening started off with the Herald Pure Stock qualifying and it was the right driver to gain his “first ever” fast time, it was Michael Hayes in his red, white and blue #12 with a 16.48. Being it was the start of the Independence weekend, it was fitting as Michael is an active U.S. Army personnel who races at Auto City.
The Herald Pure Stocks started the night off with their 25 lap feature race and with a full inversion, as Michael Hayes spun a 16, he would have to work his way up through the pack and it with some awesome competition. The #90 of Hank Keenan and the #27 of Brent Mars led the field to the green flag, but on the first try, Randy Clayton Jr in the #54 cut down a tire and there was a complete restart. But when the green flag flew again, it was Hank and Brent battling side by side for the early lead as the rest of the pack shuffled for position three and even four wide at times. As the laps counted down, the pack settled with the top runners being Bruce Dunton in the #19, Dave Marsh in the #36 (first time back racing in some time), Chad Lamson in the #888 and Randy Clayton Jr. It ended up Randy Clayton Jr. taking the lead but it seemed to be he was developing some mechanical issues just after the half way mark. Chad Lamson was in hot pursuit and ended up taking his silver bullet to the front and led the rest of the way to take the checkered flag and add on to his points lead. Following the #888, was Dave Marsh, Tim Shann (#22), Bruce Dunton, Andrea Baxter (#5) returning for the first time this year and Michael Hayes. But due to a DQ of the #36, everyone moved up a spot meaning Tim Shann got his best finish ever in a feature. And a noted mention, Bob Kern long time sponsor of the Figure 8 division in the #88 returned this night as he has not been active in the PS racing in a couple years.
Then it was time for the ladies to take to the track in the Powder Puff Race. There was a good amount of ladies wanting to git-r-dun, but when the checkered flag flew, it was Charlene Hayes (wife of Michael Hayes) in the #74 taking her “first ever” checkered flag for the win. Of course her husband was right there to congratulate her as well as last year’s Powder Puff Champion Amanda Clayton who has moved up to race in the pure stock division (#53).
The ever popular boat races were up next and with nineteen boats being towed by the drivers, the crowd did get to be cooled off as the water found itself into the stands. As the water flew, the pink truck of the #006 towing his boat lap after lap in the lead, lost his boat on the last lap and gave the win to Scott Kinney in the #77 truck. It goes to show it’s not over till it is over.
Next on the schedule was the Draggin Race where drivers have tires chained to their vehicles and must have them remain attached when crossing the finish line. Well eleven competitors started, it was Jason Grissom in the #224 TS Racing getting his “first ever” win as well. He was followed by his teammate Anthony Richardson in the #422.
The Chain Gang race was next and with nineteen teams of two being the lead car is towing a teammate as they are chained together (making it thirty eight vehicles on the track) it was wild and woolly for sure. The black truck of Josh Delong in the #067 pulling Randy Clayton Jr. jumped to an early lead and never looked back as they maneuvered through all the others to take their first win of the night.
The Push Race was up now and this time it was eighteen teams making it thirty six vehicles on the track.  Well, it was almost a copy of the previous race with plenty of chaos and abandoned vehicles being left on the track after a few red flags to get the drivers out of harm’s way. There was a side by side battle between the #3-948 team and the #067 team, but in the end it was that same team of Josh Delong pushing Randy Clayton Jr. to take the win.
The WILD Enduro 50 lapper was next and with fifty one vehicles starting, you knew it was going to be wild as they had to start them three wide. Once attrition took half the field out, it was again the #948 of Justin Pepitone and the #067 battling for the win, but Josh Delong again had his black truck on the right groove to take the win celebrating with numerous donuts after the finish (and no, not the kind you eat).
Now the sun had set and the stage was set for an awesome display of fireworks fitting for the night’s activities.
Well, the racing was not over as the skid cars were next and with the sparks flying from all, the #87 of Shane Fogarty took another win in this race. He has had numerous wins this year and in past years so he certainly knows how to handle his skid car.
Now it was onto the Figure 8 School Bus race and with six buses out there they were battling side by side for every position. The white Faith Church bus had a large lead for the most part, but ended up with some mechanical issues which stopped his bus on the track and gave enough time for the others to pass him. As the buses panned out, there was some contact at the intersection and seemed like a bad night for the back bumpers on these buses as three of them were dragging by the end of the race. When the checkered flag flew, it was another “first time” winner being Dillon Eaton taking the win in the Hubbard’s Military Bus, as his hood and fender fell off the bus just as he crossed for the last lap.
So now it was time for the last race of the night, the Trailer Figure 8 Race. With twenty vehicles pulling a variety of trailers, it was not to anyone’s disappointment. As one of the competitors came out, he had his trailer covered with an American Flag and as he made his way down the front stretch to get lined up, there were red, white and blue balloons trailing and floating into the air. But as the destruction and carnage flew, it was again the #067 truck of Josh Delong taking his 4th checkered flag of the night. And of course he celebrated with doing donuts with his trailer attached this time.
It was a fun night for sure with three first time winners and even had the Super Trike come out and do wheelies down the front stretch throughout the evening. Also Jacoby Motorsports Dementor Monster Truck was giving Monster Truck rides before, during and after the night’s events.
Also we want to thank all the Veterans and active Military personnel for their service, as well as a thank you to all the drivers, crews, staff and of course the fans who continue to support Auto City Outdoor Event Center.
Next week, July 8th, will be the “Windpusher 70” presented by O’Guinn’s Family Funeral Homes, along with the Herald Pure Stocks and the Auto City Figure 8’s. Plus the Kiddie Stocks. Racing starts at 7:00pm and you can get more information at
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