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Results June 29th 2024


Auto City Speedway

Results June 29th 2024

Auto City Speedway Results 6/29/2024

What a great way to start the holiday week with the “Maximum Destruction 4th of July Celebration” this past Saturday. Action on the track, lots of fans in the stands and fireworks in the sky. Mother Nature was very kind to Auto City as the weather was perfect for the night of action.

After the invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem, it was time to start the night and bring out the boats for the ever popular twelve lap ‘Boat Race’.

With sixteen entries, it made for a lot of water flying and boats being destroyed. Which, took a few drivers out of the competition being their boats became undone, dislodged or disintegrated from their tow vehicle. But once the water settled, it was the #X75 of Chris Persails getting the win with a small piece of his boat still attached.

Next up was the ‘Draggin Race’ which helps in drying up and cleaning off the track. The battle was between Paul Rigda #43, Gerald ‘Ironman’ Persails Jr. and Jason Grissom #224. When the checkered flew, it was Rigda getting the win over Persails Jr. and Aaron Abeare #442.

The twenty lap wild and wooly ‘I-75 Race’ was now up and with thirty-three entries, it certainly made for a fun race. There was plenty of slowing and going and made for lead changes with Persails Jr., Grissom and Zach Lopez #18. Some got caught at the wrong time and when the race was over, it was Paul Rigda III #43 truck getting the win.

On the schedule next was the ‘Push Race’ for twelve laps. There was action on the first lap as coming out of turn four, there was a car up against the wall and the #57 team of Maverick Morrow and Shane Fogerty got loose and Fogerty hit the front-stretch wall hard. A red flag was displayed while he was attended to. He did get out of the vehicle with some assistance but was OK. Once they went back to green flag racing, it was a battle between the teams of #43 Rigda/#422 Anthony Richardson and #80 Persails Jr./#948 Justin Pepitone. Getting the win was the Rigda/Richardson team.

The 'Kiddie Stocks' were in action as well tonight and there was yet another young girl who rode the big wheel all the way around the quarter mile with the crowd cheering her on. That makes two different girls to complete the quarter mile in the past two Destruction Nights. That is a 'lot of peddling'.

There was a burnout contest this night and there were some very impressive burnouts. The voting was per the crowd noise and the top three were Aaron Abeare, Maverick Morrow and the #81 of Ryan Cudd. When the crowd was asked a second time, it was concluded that Maverick Morrow impressed them the most. Note, Ryan Cudd did the longest burnout, meaning timewise. It seemed to go on for about ten minutes (but it didn’t, just seemed like it).

A brand-new race was introduced tonight called the ‘Shark Race’. It was for fifteen laps. It consisted of two ‘Shark cars’ and a ‘school of competitors’ per-se that the sharks had to ‘bite’ (tag). The competitors had to stay on the ¼ mile track while the sharks could go anywhere there was asphalt. The sharks were ‘tagging’ the competitors while they raced and once tagged, you were out. When the race was complete, it was Maverick Morrow avoiding the sharks to get the win. Also avoiding the sharks were X75 of Chris Persails and the #12 of Silas Mccaslin.

Now it was time for the twelve lap ‘Chain Gang Race’. As the teams challenged for position, it was the team of Pepitone/Persails Jr. getting the win.

The fifteen lap ‘Flagpole Race’ was next and the battles around the tires were fierce between Grissom, Lopez, Morrow and Abeare. The lead changed hands a few times, but when all the roundy-round was done, it was the #57 of Maverick Morrow getting the win.

A race that hadn’t been at Auto City in quite some time was next. An ‘Enduro Double O’ using both tracks. The competitors would do one lap on the ¼ mile and then transition to the ½ mile then back and forth till the checkered. This was a thirty-five-lap race. The battle for the lead was between Rigda, Lopez and Persails Jr. When the slicin’ n dicin’ was complete and the checkered flew, it was Paul Rigda III #43 getting the win.

Next up was the gigantic celebration of freedom fireworks display put on by Night Owl Pyrotechnics. And it was a complete WOW factor. The crowd sat in awe as the Night Owl techs did an amazing display.

Then, it was back to the action with the ‘School Bus Figure 8 Race’. There was some bus drafting going on and many close calls. One driver in particular was having some issues as he lost a rear tire making the handling difficult. Which in turn, at about the third time round, he flipped the bus onto its side with a thud you could feel throughout the stands. The driver, Paul Rigda III climbed out the driver’s window and stood on the side of the bus letting everyone know he was ok. This brought out a red flag and once the bus was righted and off the track, and the cleanup was done, it was back to racing. Getting the win was Anthony Richardson.

The last race of the night was the ‘Trailer Figure 8 Race’. It did have some interesting trailers. Jacob Michaels #83 had a large camper trailer that he was pulling and as he raced, literally the cabin portion of the trailer flopped off and he was left with the floor section and wheels left. There were some trailers that did not fare so well, but that’s what it’s all about! When the checkered flew, it was Paul Rigda III getting the win.

The night concluded with Monster Truck rides by Jacobi Motorsports.

There is a lot going on this summer at Auto City Speedway, more than just Maximum Destruction shows.

Check out all the details on upcoming events at or the Auto City Speedway and Outdoor Events Facebook page and “We’ll See You at the City”.

Article Credit: Randy Adam

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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