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Results May 25th 2024


Auto City Speedway

Results May 25th 2024

Auto City Speedway Results 5/25/2024

This past Saturday night at Auto City Speedway had everything you needed for a Memorial Day weekend remembrance celebration, perfect weather, huge crowd, fireworks, lots of destruction action and fun for the whole family.

There was a consistent crowd pace entering the grandstands as the sun shined and fans got settled into their seats.

Before the pre-action ceremony and national anthem, there was an ‘open wheel Sprint Car’ demonstration from Tri-State Sprint drivers, Doug Stepke #5 and Gustafson #24. They showed the early arriving fans how those cars look and sound going around the big track at Auto City.

Also tonight, the “Bond of Brothers” organization was hand.

They are a non-profit group who helps Veterans and first responders in the surrounding communities in various ways. And tonight's 50/50 was split with them.

After a moment of silence, the playing of taps, invocation and the national anthem, it was time for the show to begin.
First up was the always popular “Boat Race”. When the green dropped, the race was on. It was wild from the start. Turns one and two seemed to be where chaos would ensue. Between competitors spinning out and their boats being destroyed or dislodged, it took a few of the challenger’s out just in those turns. But when the water all settled, it was the #422 of Anthony Richardson getting the win over the #80 of Gerald ‘Ironman’ Persails Jr.

Next up was the Draggin’ Race. And oddly enough, when that race was completed, it was again the #422 of Richardson getting the win over the #43 of Paul Rigda III.

The Spectator Drags were on the schedule this week as well. And when the showdown was completed, it was Doug Hennessy in his Black Ford getting the trophy.

The wild n wooly I-75 Race was next and there were twenty-eight drivers going for the win. There was a red flag thrown during this race as the #99 of Raymond Bland. The fire was put out by the Auto City Safety crew and Raymond did exit his vehicle safely. Also, Maverick Morrow had a rear-end issue and another competitor pushed his ’57 Chevy over to turn one out of harm’s way until they could tow if off the track. Once the race resumed, and all the stopping and going was completed. It was, again, Anthony Richardson getting the victory. Finishing second was Justin Pepitone #948 and third was Zack Lopez #18.

The Push Race was next on the schedule, and it was an exciting race for sure. The team of Richardson (pushing) Rigda had the lead but ended up becoming separated and had to regroup. With that happening, the win ended up going to the team of Justin Pepitone and Gerald Persails Jr. with Maverick Morrow #57 (in another car he had brought) and Shane Fogerty #87 following.

The fun and exciting Kiddie Stocks were next and what a fun time it is to watch these youngsters pedal for a win. But tonight was extra special as a young lady named Heather took off at the green flag and kept going, and not around the coned off course on the front-stretch, but she pedaled her way completely around the ¼ mile track with the crowd cheering her on every bit of the way. She never stopped pedaling and the crowd never stopped cheering. When she got to the finish line, she wasn’t even tired.

Now it was time for the Burn-Out contest and with the competitors giving it their all to put on a show. When the challenges were complete, it was Aaron Abeare getting the crowd vote as the winner.

The Chain Gang race was now up and it was one of the closest races in Auto City history as the teams of Richardson and Rigda were battling side by side with Pepitone and Persails Jr. In the closing laps, they exchanged the lead back and forth then coming out of turn four, the #948/#80 were leading on the inside when the #442/#422 had momentum on the outside lane and came across the finish line ahead by just .030 seconds giving them the win.

Now it was time for the Flagpole race. Richardson got out to an early lead and had Zack Lopez in tow. Lopez did get close a few times, but lapped traffic played some havoc and when it was all said and done, it was Richardson with another win followed by Lopez and J.D. John DoorenBos #1.

Something new for Auto City’s Maximum Destruction was an Enduro Figure 8 race for thirty laps. This race had many start, but not so many finish, as attrition played a major part. When the checkered flag flew, it was Richardson getting the win.

Next was the School Bus Figure 8 race and as the buses battled side by side, oddly enough, the Bond of Brothers bus was doing some power-slides with Paul Rigda behind the wheel, and doing so, lost one of the back tires off the rim. In a lap or two later, that caused his bus to do a slow-motion tip onto its side bringing out a red flag. Rigda climbed from his bus to the cheer of the crowd giving thumbs up that he was OK. Once the bus was righted, he did try to start it back up, but all it did was backfire and had to be pushed off the track. Once the bus racing resumed, it was the Green Machine driven by Anthony Richardson getting the win.

The last race of the night was the Figure 8 Trailer race. When the green flag flew, the craziness started ensuing. The battle up front was between Richardson and a close following Rigda. Both exchanged the lead with a few bings and bangs in doing so. There were a few trailers that were dislodged at the intersection which created more excitement as the drivers went through the intersection. When the dust settled, it was Richardson getting yet another win for the night.

The night concluded with finale fireworks display and then Monster Truck rides by Jacobi Motorsports.

There is a lot going on this summer at Auto City Speedway, more than just Maximum Destruction shows.

Check out all the details on upcoming events at or the Auto City Speedway and Outdoor Events Facebook page and “We’ll See You at the City”.

Article Credit: Randy Adam

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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