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Results 4/27/2024


Auto City Speedway

Results 4/27/2024

Auto City Speedway Results 4/27/2024
This past Saturday was the “Grand Slam Maximum Destruction'' opening night for the 2024 season at Auto City Speedway as weather was perfect and plenty of action on the track and lots of fun in the stands. Plus, the night ended with a grand finale fireworks display.
New for 2024, the Auto City Speedway mascot, ACE (i.e. Auto City Eagle) McFly made his appearance throughout the night interacting with fans.
The night started with invocation and the national anthem, then it was time for the action to begin. First up was the ten lap Chain Gang race where two teammates are chained together (one pulling has the power the one being pulled has no power, only a driver). The race started from a standing stop and it was the #422 of Anthony Richardson pulling Cody Lurak jumping to the lead and never looking back as they took the win over Justin Pepitone #948 pulling Gerald ‘Ironman’ Persails Jr. #80.
Then it was time for the Spectator Drags and after all the eliminations were completed, it was the blue Ford Focus of Glenn Curd (sp?) getting the top spot.
The infamous twenty lap I-75 race was next and after all the stopping and going, it was that familiar #422 getting the win, followed by Cody Lurak #10 and Gerald Persails Jr who was driving the #96 tonight. Side note, during Richardson’s celebration burn-out, some ‘not-so-good’ loud noises came from under his hood and he had to be pushed back to the pits.
The ten lap Push race was now up and when all the pushing was done, it was the team of Pepitone and Persails Jr. getting the victory.
A different kind of race was on tonight’s schedule, called the ‘Reverse Race’, yes, the drivers actually drive in reverse for eight laps. When all the backwards driving was completed, it was Walt Dalrymple Jr. #21j getting to the finish line first followed by Pepitone and Lurak.
The wild ‘n Roundy round fifteen lap Flag Pole race was set to go and it was the light blue #18 truck of Zack Lopez getting it done with Persails Jr. second and Doug Hennessey #21 coming home third.
There were twenty competitors lined up for the fifty lap Enduro race and it proved to be exactly that, a race of endurance. When the green dropped, it was that familiar silver #422 truck of Anthony Richardson (obviously getting his truck back running) jumping to the top spot followed by challengers Persails Jr., Jason Grissom #224 and Lopez all vying for position to catch Richardson for the lead. Well, that endurance word came into play about lap twenty as Richardson’s truck started to misfire and he pulled to the pits giving the lead to Presails Jr. and Lopez close behind. Well, about lap twenty-five, Lopez pulled off as well as Cody Lurak who had made his way up near the front. When the fifty laps were completed, it was Persails Jr., Aaron Abeare #442 and Walt Dalrymple Jr. respectively.
Skid cars were on the schedule tonight and it was a battle between the Persails. Chris Persails #X75 and Gerald Persails Jr #96. As the two finessed their cars around the ¼ mile, spinning out even a few times, it was Persails Jr. getting the win.
The ever so popular School Bus Figure 8 race was next for 10 laps. As the buses got the green, there was bump drafting, side drafting and even a ‘pass in the grass’ going on. A lot of close calls and some bits and pieces dropping off, but when the checkered flew, it was Anthony Richardson getting the win over Pepitone and Grissom.
The last race of the night was the Trailer Figure 8 race for ten laps. As they got the green, it looked as though Anthony Richardson was going to get another win, but as he headed down the straight-away to the white flag, his truck quit on him and it was Persails Jr. driving by and getting the win on the last lap. Second was Jacob Michael in the #83 truck and Devon Moll in the #14 car.
The night concluded with finale fireworks display and then Monster Truck rides by Jacobi Motorsports.
There is a lot going on this summer at Auto City Speedway, more than just Maximum Destruction shows.
Check out all the details on upcoming events at or the Auto City Speedway and Outdoor Events Facebook page and “We’ll See You at the City”.

Article Credit: Randy Adam

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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