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Results July 29th


Auto City Speedway

Results July 29th

Auto City Speedway Results 7/29/2023

This past Saturday night was the “Mardi Gras Maximum Destruction” sponsored by Ultimate Autos, located in Clio. Mother Nature gave us a really nice start to the night and even through qualifying but did send a little message during the evening letting us know she could ruin things at any given moment, but she didn’t.

As the fans started filing in, qualifying for the Red Apple Fireworks Warriors front wheel drive (FWD) division was first up on the track.

There was a new name on top of the qualifying tonight, and it was Troy Deuscher in his green machine #83 getting fast time with a 17.02 with teammate Michael Schmidt #31 getting second fast time with a 17.46.

The All-American Trucks (AAT) were next up to quality and it was multi-time AAT champion Josh Delong clocking in with a 17.46. Second fastest, with only a few ticks off, was the #47 of Dan Shamel at 17.48.

That was the only two classes qualifying this night.

After invocation and the national anthem, it was time for the twenty-lap feature for the Red Apple Fireworks Warriors (combining the A & B series in one race). Leading them to green was the #70 of Charlie Boone and the #31 of Michael Schmidt. When the green flew, it was Schmidt getting the jump for an early lead, but that didn’t last long, as the #11j of Jason Jones was instantly battling his way by Schmidt and taking the lead on lap two. As the laps clicked by, Jones extended his lead as Deuscher did make it up to second. When the twenty laps were completed, for the A series, it was Jones, Descher and Schmidt and for the B series, it was Rod Nettletons #33 getting yet another feature win followed by the #01 of Brad Treichel and the young lady of Daegan Clayton in her ‘Lightning McQueen’ look-alike #95.

The All-American Truck thirty lap feature was next and on the front row was Jason Grissom’s #224 and the #81 truck of Brannon Cudd. As they took the green, further back in the pack, the #4 of Christopher Bush Jr.’s truck had issues and put down fluid going into turn one before one lap was completed. After the clean-up and getting Bush’s truck out of harm’s way, it was a complete restart.

Grissom took the early lead with the field battling behind him, two competitors of Brannon Cudd and Jim Cudd #1, went into turn three and possibly touched sending Brannon over the turn three embankment bringing out a yellow.

The restart on lap two was Grissom and J. Cudd leading them to green. Grissom again jumped out front followed by J. Cudd, Joe Shamel #47, Josh Delong #067 and Walt Dalrymple Jr. #J21. The pack was definitely being aggressive and for the most part, trucks were battling three wide continuously lap after lap. Right about lap eight, the veteran and previous ATT champion, Josh Delong was leading the way with one of the toughest competitors in the series, Anthony Richardson #422 in pursuit running second. Dan Shamel in his #47 did make it through the pack as well to the third spot. When the checkered waved, it was Delong, Richardson, D. Shamel, J. Shamel and Brian Dougherty #22 respectfully as Dougherty just got by Grissom for that fifth spot.

The unique ten lap Boat Race was scheduled next and as the water flew and boats became disengaged, it was the Max D #422 of Anthony Richardson getting the win.

The Draggin’ Race was next, and it was Paul Rigda III’s #43 dragging his tire across the finish line first after the ten laps were completed.

After the Draggin’ Race, it was time to celebrate Mardi Gras style at Auto City with a Mardi Gras parade down the front-stretch with all the competitors driving down and throwing out over 10,000 beads to the fans while some good ole Cajun music played.

Once the parade was done, it was time for the wild and wooly twenty lap I-75 Race with twenty-nine drivers going for the win. A light rain did start but did not delay the race from starting. Paul Ridga III jumped out in front of the pack first making sure to abide by the red signal lights of the two buses, but he definitely had company lap after lap, including the #422 of Richardson and Jesse Backus in his red #507 Crown Vic. As the slowing and going continued lap after lap, Richardson was the one to beat.

When it was the last lap, Richardson did the daring move coming out of turn four to the checkered as he blew by the two buses actually going in-between them which could have been devastating for Richardson. Finishing order was Richardson, Backus, Grissom, the #67 of Jason Dvorscak and Rigda III.

Now it was the twelve lap Push Race for ten teams (one vehicle pushing another, so a team of two). When the green was dropped, it was a wild start as a couple of the teams got tangled and ended up not being able to continue in the race. When all the pushing was over, it was the team of Richardson and Rigda III getting the win.

An uncommon race called the Reverse Race was next, yes, competitors driving in reverse for ten laps. Early leader going backwards was Maverick Morrow #57 in a compact that seemed to be on a rail. As the drivers went around, the momentum and power of Richardson’s #422 worked best and took the lead over Morrow. Once the backwards racing was done, it was Richardson with the win. Morrow did get second and J.D. John Doorenbos in his #B-57 came home third.

So now, it was time for a race called The Fox & Hounds. This was a timed race for three minutes. In each race, six competitors line up across the track at a standing start. Once the green is displayed, the one who gets out first becomes the “Fox” and the “Hounds” have got to try and pass the fox to become the fox. The thing is, the Fox can go in any direction on any part of the paved portion of all tracks (figure 8, ¼ mile, ½ mile and all connecting access roads). It is very interesting to say the least and a lot of fun. There were four heats, then each winner went on to a ‘final four’ race.

In heat #1, it was Rigda III becoming the Fox for the win. Heat #2 was the #J21 of Walt Dalrymple Jr. being the Fox. Heat #3 was Maverick Morrow #57 getting to be the Fox and heat #4 was Richardson.

The Fox & Hounds Final Four was now set and Rigda III was the early Fox with Richardson right on his tail(gate) even tapping his bumper a few times. Ridga used the ¼ mile and ½ mile trying to distance himself from Richardson with no avail. Going down the backstretch of the ¼ mile, Richardson was again right on Ridga’s bumper, but Ridga pulled a quick move onto one of the access roads to the ½ mile, sending Richardson past the turn out. That was the move that got Rigda the win, as after regrouping. Richardson was giving it his all to get back up to compete but had just lost too much time on that one maneuver of Rigda’s. Finishing behind Richardson was Morrow and Dalrymple Jr.

Twenty-six drivers lined up for the ten lap Flag-Pole Race and it was again, Richardson and Rigda battling it out in the early laps, but as the traffic got more congested around the flagpole, it made it rough for Rigda. When the checkered flew, it was Richardson with, yet another win followed by Morrow, Josh Vanwormer #926, Jason Dvorscak #67 and Shane Fogerty #87.

Thirty drivers took to the track for the fifty lap Enduro race as it was next on the schedule. Lap one saw Rigda out front followed by Richardson and Backus. As the field started to spread out and attrition wore on many, it was Josh Delong now in his #067 Crown Vic weaving his way in and out of the traffic to battle for the lead. About lap eleven, Delong got past Rigda and almost in the same lap, Richardson fell out of competition taking his truck to the pits. When it was all said and done, it was Delong, Rigda, Morrow, Andrew Durga #64 and the #55 of Anthony Duvernois in that order.

The final race of the night was the ten lap School Bus Figure 8 and at the very last lap, Paul Rigda got a bit too close to the high side of turn three and his bus literally toppled over the embankment landing on its side. Rigda climbed out and stood on the bus waving to the crowd that he was OK. In the meantime, J.T. James Clayton won the bus race in the Green Machine.

The Midwest Drift Co. event will be happening August 4th thru 6th at Auto City, then on Friday, August 11th, it is a full night of racing with an $800 to win for the Red Apple Fireworks FWD Division. Plus, the Herald Pure Stocks, All American Trucks, Pro Street Stock and Auto City Figure 8’s will all be in action.

Check out all the details on upcoming events at or the Auto City Speedway and Outdoor Events Facebook page and “We’ll See You at the City”!

Article Credit: Randy Adam

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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