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Results July15th 2023


Auto City Speedway

Results July15th 2023

Auto City Speedway Results 7/15/2023

This past Saturday at Auto City Speedway was the KEURIG DR. PEPPER Maximum Destruction Night of Fire with a July Celebration with racing, destruction and a fireworks display that lit up the skies.

Mother Nature did give us a break this night as this celebration night was already postponed from the original July 8th date.

So, with overcast skies, a bit on the hot and humid side, it was all going to be good. While the crowd filed in, qualifying got under way.

First to hit the track were the Herald Pure Stocks and it was Nick Johnston in his #7 getting the top spot with a 16.13 around the ¼ mile and Mike Mosier was just off with a 16.24.

The Red Apple Fireworks FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Warriors were next and it was the buzzing Honda of Jason Jones #11j leading the way with a 16.49 and being the only car in the 16’s.

The All- American Trucks were last to qualify, and it was ‘retired veteran driver’ Josh Delong #067 topping the field with a 17.47.

After invocation and the National Anthem, it was time for the feature races to start things off.

The Herald Pure Stocks were first on the schedule for their thirty-lap feature.

The #81 of Tim Kirby and first time out this year, #51 of John Puckett led the field to the green. Puckett took off with the early lead in his newly built car. Following were the likes of Mark Martinez #34, Johnston, another first-time driver returning to Auto City, #97 Tony Williams and Mosier all in tow. As the racing was heating up behind Puckett, he ended up spinning in turn two almost completely blocking the middle lane and Johnston ended up clipping him with his right rear and ending Puckett’s night. Under yellow, Johnston was allowed to go to the pits and change a flat he got in that altercation. As they went back to green flag racing, it was Mosier and Andrew Burton #05 battling it out up front with Mosier getting the better end of the deal holding onto his lead. When the checkered flag flew, it was Mosier followed by Johnston, Burton, Williams, and Coty Montrull #222.

The Red Apple Fireworks FWD division was next for their twenty lap feature with Charlie Boone #70 and Troy Deuscher #83 leading them to the green. Deuscher jumped out to the early lead. As the drivers battled side by side for position, it was fast qualifier and previous feature winner, Jason Jones working his way to battle Deuscher for the lead, which he did get. Once Jones was out front, there was no looking back. Behind Jones was Deuscher, Jack Bill #11, Boone and Rod Nettleton #33.

The All-American Trucks thirty lap feature was next and it was Jason Wolf #77 and Walt Dalrymple Jr. #J21 bringing the field to the green. Dalrymple Jr. got out front to lead early. The racing was aggressive and even going three wide at times jockeying for position. Right about lap five, Dan Shamel #47 and Josh Delong #067 had worked their way up into the number one and two spots while battling side by side for many laps. On lap twelve, coming out of turn four, the two touched and Shamel tagged the front stretch wall and ended up spinning into the infield grass. The yellow came out and both drivers were directed to go to the rear.

When the green flew, it was the #422 of Anthony Richardson getting the lead now. But as the laps clicked off, Delong and Shamel both were working their way through traffic with Delong in front. At the end of the thirty laps, it was Delong, Richardson, Brian Dougherty #22, Jason Grissom #224 and Dalrymple Jr. respectively.

Now it was time for the destruction portion of the night starting off with the ever so very popular, ten lap Boat Race. Once the water stopped flowing, it was Justin Pepitone #948 getting the win. On a separate note, the #64 of Andrew Durga had a flying boat that was more in the air than being on the track.

Of course, the ten lap Draggin Race was next to help dry off the track, and when it was all said and done, it was the #224 of Jason Grissom with the win.

The Chain Gang Race was next on the schedule. This race is where two teammates are chained together, one pulling and the other just controlling the tow vehicle. It was a tough battle between the teams of Pepitone / Gerald Persails Jr #80 and Anthony Richardson / Paul Rigda #422. When the twelve laps were completed, it was Team 80 finishing first.

The wild and wooly twenty lap I-75 Race was now set to go with twenty-six competitors ready. Once the green flew, all the slicing and dicing started as drivers worked their way around the two buses. Anthony Richardson had a pretty good lead on the rest, but ended up getting a flat and left the track, relinquishing the lead to Walt Dalrymple Jr. #J21 giving him his first win this season.

The fifteen lap Auto City Figure 8 Race was next up and it was Anthony Richardson leading them to green. As the laps clicked down, Andrew Burton #05 and Tony Williams #97 both got by Richardson. Williams was on Burton’s bumper lap after lap trying to work his way past Burton. On the very last turn getting ready to shoot down the final straightaway, Williams got the drivers quarter panel of Burton subsequently cutting Burtons left rear tire and making the pass for the win. It was a tough battle for Burton who is always a top runner in this race. Williams is a previous champion in the Figure 8 and it was his first time back at Auto City this season.

The twelve lap Push Race was next and race was next and again the teams of Richardson/Rigda and Pepitone/Persails Jr. were the ones to watch. When the race was completed, it was Richardson/Rigda getting the win.

The ten lap Flagpole Race was now up for sixteen competitors and once all the circling of the tire (i.e. flagpole) was done and the checkered flew, it was Anthony Richardson getting the win and just making it as his truck shut down coming to the start/finish line with Shane Fogarty #87 almost taking the win away from him.

The fifty lap Enduro was next with thirty drivers ready to go. When all the laps were completed, it was the #067 of Josh Delong getting the win.

The ten lap School Bus Figure 8 was now up, and it was Anthony Richardson getting the checkered.

The last race of the night was the ten lap Trailer Figure 8 Race and it was again, Anthony Richardson getting the win, but driving Anthony Duvernois #55 truck.

Also, this night, Night Owl Pyrotechnics put on one fantastic firework display in continuation of the celebration of our independence.

The next night of racing is this Friday, July 21st with “Christmas in July” and a Herald Street Stock battle for $1,000 to win.

Check out all the details on upcoming events at or the Auto City Speedway and Outdoor Events Facebook page and “We’ll See You at the City”.

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Article Credit: Randy Adam

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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