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Results May 27th


Auto City Speedway

Results May 27th

Auto City Speedway Results 5/27/2023

The Memorial Day weekend Maximum Destruction sponsored by Camping World of Birch Run this past Saturday at Auto City Speedway included a lot of fun, excitement and honorary pre-race blessings for our fallen heroes.

Mother Nature was on board this night as the temps were just right for the racing and the crowd was treated to a beautiful sunset into the night.

Qualifying for the All-American Trucks was first up and it was Dan Shamel in the #47 getting fast time of a 17.45 followed by his brother, Joe in the #47x with a 17.48…but take note, a name you will hear consistently through this article was Anthony Richardson being third fast with a 17.55.

Later in the night, after the All-American Truck feature race, both Shamel brothers were found to have technical infractions to the rules which did end up altering the feature results.

The Red Apple Fireworks Front Wheel Drive division was next to qualify, and it was that ‘buzzin’ Honda #11j of Jason Jones topping the field with a 16.31. He was the only FWD in the 16’s as Jack Bill #11 was second fast with a 17.33.

Before racing got underway, there was a pre-race ceremony honoring two hometown Veterans, then going into a moment of silence for the fallen heroes who gave all, then Taps, invocation and the national anthem, which all preceded the racing action.

Now it was time for some racing and destruction.

First up was the All-American Truck thirty lap feature race. Bringing them around to the green was Brannon Cudd #81 and Darby Christenson #23. Cudd did get the jump to take the early lead as the trucks behind him were two and three wide battling for position. By lap seven, Anthony Richardson had quickly worked his way past Cudd for the lead. Behind him were Cudd and Shamel #47 and Jim Cudd #1 and Zack Lopez #18.

As the laps clicked away, Richardson held onto the lead and won, being followed by Dan Shamel and Joe Shamel, but again, both were found with infractions after the feature was completed and lost their finishing positions. With that, this gave second to Brannon Cudd, third to Jim Cudd, fourth Jason Grissom #224 and Brian Dougherty #22 respectfully.

The Red Apple Fireworks FWD division was now up for their twenty-lap feature.

It was the #70 of Charlie Boone and #11 of Jack Bill leading them to the green. Boone took the early lead with the #83 of Troy Deuscher following and Jack Bill dropping to third. By lap three, there was three wide racing going on for the lead as Jason Jones 11j, had worked his way up to challenge for the lead. Jones did get out front and never looked back. At lap twenty, when they crossed the finish line, it was Jones, Deuscher, Jack and Boone finishing in that order. Note that was for the “A” series of the FWD. They did combine the “B” series with them and it was the #01 of Bradley Treichel getting that win with Rod Nettleton #33 taking second.

The ever popular ten lap Boat Race was next and once the water settled and the boats stopped skidding, it was a first-time winner of Andrew Durga #64 getting the win.

So to dry up the track, the Draggin’ Race next. There were sixteen competitors dragging tires for this ten lap race. It was Jason Grissom #224 jumping out to an early lead and keeping it, followed by the #442 of Aaron Abeare and Paul Rigda III in the #43.

The Chain Gang race was next on the schedule and after the twelve laps were completed, it was Justin Pepitone #948 and Gerald Persails Jr #80 getting the win.

The wild and wooly I-75 twenty lap race was now up with twenty-six competitors going for the win. After all the slowing and going was completed. It was Anthony Richardson #422 taking the checkered with Walt Dalrymple Jr #J21 getting second, third going to Ryan Cudd #11, Jason Grissom #224 and Ryan Hart #242 respectfully.

Now it was time for the twelve-lap push race. After all the pushing was done, the win went to that one familiar name again, Anthony Richardson who was pushing Paul Rigda III.

A very unique race was next being the Reverse race…yes, driving backwards around the ¼ mile for ten laps for the twelve competitors. The #57 of Maverick Morrow had led until about the halfway mark when Paul Rigda III #43 got up to challenge him. As Rigda went high to make the pass, Morrow tried a crossover move and got to the inside of Rigda, but the effort made Morrow spin and he was unable to get his car going again due to a mechanical issue. Rigda did get the win with Tyler Watts #B56 taking second and J.D. DoorenBos #B57 getting third.

The ten lap Flagpole race was now up, and it was a ‘WOW’ factor for sure with twenty-eight drivers on the track ready to rock. Anthony Richardson in his silver #422 got out to an early lead and looked like he was going to get another win. But he took his ride to the pits with a broken power steering line. That gave the lead to the #242 of Ryan Hart who ended up getting his very first win. Hart almost lost the lead on the last go round of the tire (i.e., flagpole) due to heavy traffic but did make it through.

The fifty lap Enduro was next and there were thirty competitors vying for the win. Anthony Richardson had brought out his All American #422 purple truck to compete in this race and when the green flew, he was in the fifth spot but by lap two, was in the lead. As the laps counted down, Richardson was on a mission as by lap thirty, Richardson had lapped the whole field. And of course, getting yet another win. Paul Rigda III #43 was second, with Justin Pepitone #948 third, Walt Dalrymple Jr. #J21 fourth and Darby Christensen #23 in fifth.

The School Bus figure eight was now up and it was Paul Rigda III keeping the bus right side up this night to get the win after the ten laps were completed.

The last race of the night was the ten lap Trailer Figure Eight race. With trailers coming off before the green even waved. Once the race was underway, it was a fast-paced race for all. Even though they had the full figure eight track, it seemed like all the drivers were battling in a pack. When the checkered flew, it was the #23 of Darby Christensen getting the win.

Racing will be happening this coming Friday, June 2nd at Auto City Speedway.

Check out all the details on upcoming events at or the Auto City Speedway and Outdoor Events Facebook page and “We’ll See You at the City”.

Article Credit: Randy Adam

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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