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Driver Spotlight #18: Andrea Baxter!


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Driver Spotlight #18: Andrea Baxter!

Driver Spotlight #18: Andrea Baxter!

Andrea is from Birch Run, MI. Andrea got into racing from her dad, John Baxter and her uncle, Jay Baxter. They both raced and Andrea would go and watch them every Saturday night! Andrea said, “my dad gave me a chance to try racing, and I was hooked! They both started in the Thunder Trucks class and then raced Factory Stocks after.” Andrea started racing in the Thunder Truck class and raced there for most of her time. Andrea raced for many years under Coyote Racing which came from her Uncle Jay. When Andrea returned to racing, she started in the Pure Stock class at Auto City & continues to race in that class.

Some of Andrea’s favorite racing moments over the years were the years spent racing her Thunder Truck. Andrea said, “they were both always with me (John and Jay) during the week working on the truck, I owe everything to them.” Another one of Andrea’s favorite memories includes when she got back into racing as a Pure Stock driver, her uncle was diagnosed with ALS and he would still help her work on her car and go to the track with her. One night, they got fast time and “were so happy that we managed to work with what we had that night. Unfortunately, we were forced to leave the track early that night without racing but we were still fast time!”

Andrea continues to race after all these years because of the memory of her uncle. Andrea said, “I was hoping to get him a championship last year. The car that Dennis built is in memory of my Uncle Jay’s Factory Stock. That is where my Coyote Racing comes from!” Andrea is a tough competitor at Auto City in the Pure Stock class and has been for years. Last year, she came in just shy of being the Pure Stock Champion at Auto City to another racer, Jim Harden.

When Andrea isn’t racing or working on her car, she’s spending time with her cats. Her plan for the 2023 season is to race at Auto City when she can! Andrea wants to thank her dad and Dennis Bronner who continue to help her on the new car and Rowe Racing. Andrea is also supported by her sponsors who include, Creative Coatings, Freeman Auto Salvage, Twisted Graphics, Troyer Racing Engines, Dennis Bronner Race Car & Fabrications, and Top Speed Motorsports!

Thank you, Andrea, friends and family for so many years in the making of racing at Auto City Speedway and continuing to support our track to this day. We hope to see you all soon for the 2023 season when you can come out!

Article Credit: Katie Walker

Submitted By: Katie Walker

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