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August 27th Division Racing with Enduro 70 Results


Auto City Speedway

August 27th Division Racing with Enduro 70 Results

Auto City Speedway Results 8/27/2022
Last Saturday night was all about racing at Auto City Speedway. It was a special night of racing with the Herald Pure Stocks on the big ½ mile. Also a 50 lap feature for the All American Trucks, plus a 70 lap Enduo as well on the ¼ mile.
The weather was a perfect Michigan evening with sunshine and comfortable temps. As usual, the evening started with qualifying.
The All American Trucks started it off and once all twenty-two trucks were timed, it was the #47X of Joe Shamel getting the top spot with a 17.29 around the ¼ mile. The Herald Pure Stocks were next and it was Nick Johnston in his #7 going around the ½ mile quickest with an 18.81, the only one to break into the 18 second bracket this night.
The AC Warriors were last to qualify, and it was first timer this year at Auto City, Jason Jones in his #11J buzzing around the ¼ mile with a 16.35.
Once the invocation and National Anthem were completed, it was time for the heat races.
The Herald Pure Stocks started it off and in the first heat, driving a backup car, it was Lonnie Saumier Jr. (#M15) getting the win over James (J.T.) Clayton (#54).
The second heat win went to last year’s pure stock champion, Bruce Dutton Jr. (#19), followed by Nick Johnston.
The All American Truck heats were next up and it was Jason Grissom (#224) getting the win with Walt Dalrymple Jr. (#J21) taking second.
The second ATT heat race went to Greg Long III in his #38 truck and second going to Brannon Cudd (#81).
The third ATT heat race went to current point’s leader and last year’s ATT champion, Josh Delong (#067) ahead of Anthony Richardson (#422).
In the AC Warriors heat races, it was Rod Nettleton (#33) getting his first win this year with William Grubbs (#96) getting second.
The second AC Warriors heat race went to fast qualifier, Jason Jones with Greg Long III (#38) coming in second.
After the “Kiddy Stocks” (big wheel races for kids who signed up) was completed, it was onto the features. Starting out was the All American Truck Battle “50 Lapper”.
It was Zack Lopez (#18) and Jim Cudd (#1) leading the twenty-two trucks to the green. It was a battle for sure as in the early laps, competitors went three and even four wide at times. By lap two, a yellow came out as Anthony Richardson and Joe Shamel got tangled up and ended up in the front stretch wall. Both drove away under their own power. Once the green came back out, the early leader was Lopez, followed by J. Cudd, but it did not take long for Josh Delong to get up to third by lap two and within a couple laps had got by Lopez for the lead. Greg Long Jr (#21) was now in third driving a borrowed truck due to mechanical issues with his primary truck. As the laps counted down, Lopez and Long Jr. were side by side for a good amount of the laps to the halfway point. But right about lap thirty, Long Jr. was out. It was obvious Josh Delong had his truck tuned up and ready as he sliced his way around lapped traffic and by the end of the 50 laps, his Ron’s Bump Shop #067 had lapped the whole field. Coming in second one lap down was Zack Lopez, followed by Dan Shamel (#47), Jason Grissom (#224) and Brannon Cudd (#81) respectfully.
The Herald Pure Stock 30 lap feature on the ½ mile was next up and all the drivers were ready to rock. Long time flagman, now retired after 37 years of flagging at Auto City, Roger Thom was the honorary flagman for this race. It was awesome to see Roger waving the flags how he use to back in the day. When he let the green flag fly, the race was on. Randy Clayton Jr. (#12) was the early leader with Andrew Burton (#05), John Puckett (#51) and Bruce Dutton Jr. (#19) all in tow. As some of the racing lent itself to three wide at times, it sure did make it exciting for the fans. Right about lap 5, Clayton developed a flat and a yellow was displayed. When they went back to green, the battle was between Burton, Dutton Jr., fast qualifier Nick Johnston, Tim Kirby (#81) and Bryan Thompson (#66). About midway through the race, Clayton Jr. blew a motor and laid down oil and Dutton Jr. and Thompson both got into it sending them up into the turn three wall. Dutton would continue, but Thompson was done for the night. After the Auto City Safety crew got the spill tended to and the drivers ‘worked in’ the oil dry, it was time to get back to racing. Nick Johnston was now leading with Dutton Jr., still wheeling his hurt #19 machine, in second, with Jim Harden Jr. (#25H) in third, Lonnie Saumier (#M15) forth and Andrew Burton fifth. When the 30 laps were completed, it was Nick Johnston’s Auto City Used Cars #7 getting the victory. This was his first win since 2013. Following Johnston respectfully was Harden, Burton, Saumier and Dutton Jr.
The AC Warriors 20 lap feature was next on the schedule and the thirteen “Warriors” were ready. Right at the start of the race, the pack of thirteen went at it. By the third lap, fast qualifier, Jason Jones (#11J) had gotten up to the front and was there to stay. Greg Long III (#38) was debuting his new FWD car and had it handling well as he made his way up to second. Jack Bill (#11), was following in third. As the laps clicked off, Gerald Persails Jr. (#80) had gotten by the #11 for third. Jones was buzzing around the track putting distance between him and the others and when the checkered flew. It was the Performance Auto #11J of Jones getting the win over Long III, Persails Jr., David Smith (#47) and Jack Bill, in that order.
The “70 Lap” Enduro was now up and the name certainly fit the race, as it was a race of endurance. There were twenty-seven competitors for this race. In the early stages, it was Gerald Persails Jr. (#80) getting to the top spot with Anthony Richardson (#422) and Josh Delong (#067 Crown Vic) following. By lap 11, Richardson did get by Persails for the lead. As cars and trucks dropped out, it was Richardson leading the way with Delong now getting by Persails for second.
In the last 10 laps, Delong did get close to Richardson, but could not make the pass. When the 70 laps were done and over, it was Anthony Richardson’s #422 getting the win over Delong, Persails Jr., Jason Grissom (#224) and Aaron Abeare (#442).
The last race of the night was the 15 lap AC Figure 8. They were lined up side by side coming to the green and as the green waved, the #34 of Mark Martinez and the #05 of Andrew Burton touched which in turn sent Burton into one of the tractor tires at the intersection, literally sending him ‘airborn’ and headed for the front stretch wall. Fortunately, Burton did get it slowed up and continued on, but it did cost him a few positions getting back to the race. As the field started to spread out, about lap 3, Martinez did a full 360 crossing the intersection and kept going, but later did break an axle and was out. Anthony Richardson, who is the points leader, led the way from the drop of the green as Paul Rigda III (#43), who is second in points, was trying to get up to battle Richardson for the lead. But on lap 9, Rigda dropped out. As the laps counted down, Burton was on a mission as he had his car power-sliding through each turn. With about 2 laps to go, Burton did get close Richardson, on the last lap, Burton was right on the back bumper, but could not make the pass. The win went to Anthony Richardson with Andrew Burton getting second.
This coming Saturday, September 3rd, it’s a “Back to School Bash” Maximum Destruction. Check out all the details for that event and on other upcoming events at and “We’ll See You at the City”.

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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