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Resuts July 9th


Auto City Speedway

Resuts July 9th

Auto City Speedway Results 7/9/2022
WOW, awesome, exciting and fun are just a few words that comes to mind to describe the action at Auto City Speedway this past Saturday evening.
First off, the weather couldn’t have been any better for a race and destruction night with fireworks and Monster truck rides.
The afternoon started with the UAW/United Way annual Classic Car Show out front for the fans to check out some very cool classics and hot rods.
When the gates opened up, it was a continuous flow of patrons entering into the grandstands. In fact, the stands did fill up quickly and it was the kind of night where folks had to be a bit more ‘fan friendly’ with each other, being they had to skootch together more than normal to make sure there was enough room for the over four thousand plus fans.
The track action started with qualifying for the Herald Pure Stock division and it was Randy Clayton Jr. in the #12 getting the fast time with a 16.37 around the quarter mile. The 2021 Herald Pure Stock Champion, Bruce Dutton Jr. in his #19 machine did get second fast quick with a 16.39, a couple ticks off Clayton Jr.’s time. The All American Trucks series qualifying was next and it was the #067 of Josh Delong getting the top spot with a 17.32.
Once the pre-race ceremony and National Anthem were completed, it was time for the Herald Pure Stock thirty lap feature race. Mark Martinez (#34) and Caleb Beechler (#98) lead them to the green flag. This race did not disappoint as all the drivers were mixing it up from the get-go. By lap three, the red and blue #54, driven by “J.T.” James Clayton, had gotten up to the front with plenty of competitors in tow, including, Tim Kirby (#81), Bruce Dutton Jr. (#19), Randy Clayton Jr. (#12). As they started getting settled in, Nick Johnston (#7) and Andrea Baxter (#5), who was the current point’s leader going into the night, got into the mix as well. On lap twelve, Kirby got a flat tire and spun, bringing out the caution.
When the green flag came back out, it was J.T., Clayton Jr., Johnston, Baxter all battling, and then #12 of Clayton Jr., also got a flat which brought out a yellow. He went to the pits under caution, had it changed, and had to start at the back of the field.
By lap seventeen, it was J.T., Johnston, Baxter, and Andrew Burton, who was making his first appearance this season in his new #05 and Jim Harden (#25h) all battling for position. On lap eighteen, Johnston developed a flat tire as well, spinning bringing out another caution. Once he was back, he had to start at the back of the field as well. With ten laps to go, it was J.T. still leading the way with Baxter, Burton and now the #66 of Bryan Thompson in the mix.
When the checkered flag flew, the finishing order was J.T. Clayton getting the win followed by Andrea Baxter, Bryan Thompson, Randy Clayton Jr. and Andrew Burton respectfully.
The All American Trucks thirty lap feature was next on the schedule and there were seventeen trucks ready to rock. Rookie, Cameron Delong (#95) and Brannon Cudd (#81) lead the field to the green. By lap four, the field got to some ‘four wide’ racing. Cameron Delong did have Christopher Bush in his red #4 truck in tow as the rest of the field played catch up. By lap ten, fast qualifier, Josh Delong (#067) had made it to the second spot behind his son. The field had been inverted earlier and Josh had to start in the tenth position. Following the Delong’s were Bush, Dan Shamel (#47) and Cudd. On lap eleven, Josh got by Cameron and kept the lead for the rest of the race. As the laps clicked off and the field shuffled for positon, the final scoring had Joe Shamel (#47X) getting to the second spot, Cameron Delong, Jason Grissom (#224) and Brannon Cudd rounding out the top five.
The ever popular ten lap Boat race was next up and it was fun for all seeing the boats flailing around and one lose boat getting battered by the others. When the water settled, it was Will Grubbs #96 getting the win with boat in tow.
The Draggin race followed and at the end of the ten laps of draggin, it was Paul Rigda III (#43) getting the win over returning veteran Max D driver, Gerald Persails Jr. and Will Grubbs.
Next on the schedule was the Chain Gang race which was for twelve laps. The teams of Josh Delong/Randy Clayton Jr. (#067-#73) and Anthony Richardson/Andrew Burton (#422-#05) put on one heck of show going side by side, changing out the lead a few times over. When the checkered flag flew, it was the team of Richardson/Burton getting the victory.
The increasingly action packed twenty lap I-75 race was up and there was a special veteran late model driver of a ‘third bus’ (usually this race only runs two), by the name of Doctor Bob behind the wheel. Not sure how he got talked into that, but it was awesome to see him out there being a part of the racing action. When the green flag was dropped for over the twenty four competitors, it was the B-57 of J.D. John Doorenbos taking the early lead with Gerald Persails Jr. following. Once all the stopping and going was concluded, it was Paul Rigda III (#43) figuring it all out and getting yet another win in the nights action.
The Auto City Figure 8’s were hitting the track next and it was fourteen competitors ready to go fifteen laps. Once they got the green, the scramble was on. There was plenty to watch during this race, even Tim Kirby (#81) doing a full 360 and continuing under green. There was action all over track with Andrew Burton and Anthony Richardson battling back and forth, but Burton did start to pull away going through lapped traffic and made it to the end getting the victory over Richardson, Rigda III and Zack Lopez (#18).
Next up was the twelve lap Push race and when it was all said and done, it was the team of Josh Delong (pusher) and Randy Clayton Jr. (getting pushed) taking the victory.
Thirteen vehicles lined up for the Flag Pole race and it was Anthony Richardson wheeling his #422 truck around and around getting the win over Zack Lopez and Will Grubbs.
The fifty lap Enduro was next on the docket and when the twenty-eight drivers took the green, the race was on. Early leaders and challengers were Jason Grissom (#224), Gerald Persails Jr. (#80), Anthony Richardson (#422), and Paul Rigda III (#43). By lap twenty, the #067 black Crown Vic of Josh Delong had made his way through the traffic and getting to the top spot. As the field was stretched out around the track, Delong worked his way through all traffic and lapped almost the whole field with the exception of Rigda. The final order crossing the line was Delong, Rigda and Richardson.
Now it was time for Jeff Holbin and his Night Owl Pyrotechnics crew to put on one of the best fireworks displays in the area. Everyone had their eyes to the sky for this fantastic and colorful array of fireworks and ka-booms.
After the smoke cleared and the lights were back on, the ten lap School Bus Figure 8 race followed. The buses did get spread out enough to create some side by side action and a few really close calls at the intersection, including a couple if not three ‘180 degree drift slides’ by Paul Rigda in the Church Bus, but when the dust settled it was J.T. James Clayton getting the win.
Skid Cars were now ready to throw some sparks and the battle was between Team 80 Motorsports teammates Gerald Persails Jr. (#80) and Will Grubbs (#96).
After the six laps were completed, including various spins by both, it was the wily veteran Gerald Persails Jr. making sure everyone knew he was back by getting the victory. He did have some youngsters do his traditional ‘victory dance’ in celebration of the win.
The last race of the night was the ten lap Trailer Figure 8 race and as soon as the green flew, there were trailers becoming disconnected almost instantly. Two mentions were Anthony Richardson and Rod Nettleton (#33) losing their trailers. As others dealt with swinging trailers, trailers on their side and some barely attached. It was Zack Lopez (#18) completing the race, trailer attached and bringing home the win.
The next race night is Saturday, July 16th with all the Auto City racing divisions in action as well as a School Bus Figure 8.
Check out all the details on upcoming events at and “We’ll See You at the City”.

Article Credit: Randy Adam

Submitted By: Sharon Fischer

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