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Season Opener June 4th 2022

Auto City Speedway Results 6/4/2022
The 2022 season at Auto City Speedway kicked off last Saturday night and what a night it was. Weather was perfect and it was nice to get the gates opened and start the season. The night was celebrated with the “Bond of Brotherz; 21-19-1” charity organization honoring military veterans, police, fire, and K9. The night was busy and developed into an almost, standing room only crowd.
The first activity on the track was qualifying for the Herald Pure Stocks and All American Trucks. In the pure stock division, it was Jim Harden Jr. (#25H) getting quick time with a 16.32 and Dan Shamel (#47) topping the field of trucks with a 17.48
The pre-race ceremony consisted of a parade made up of emergency vehicles lead by the Auto City Pace Car driven by Don O’Guinn from O’Guinn Family Funeral Homes. After the invocation and national anthem, it was time for racing.
First up was the Herald Pure Stock thirty lap feature race. The pure stocks did see a couple new faces behind the wheels, two being Caleb Beechler (#98) and Mark Martinez (#34). As the field got the green flag, the shuffling began, only to have a caution come out before a lap was completed. So on the second time round, the field took the green and the race was on. Bryan Thompson (#66), who hasn’t been a regular at Auto City in a while, jumped out to an early lead with the likes of Bruce Dutton Jr. (#19), J.T. James Clayton (#54) and Andrea Baxter (#5) vying for position. As the laps counted down and the checkered flew, it was Thompson getting the win over J.T. Clayton, Baxter, Harden and Dutton Jr., all respectfully.
In the All American Truck thirty lap feature, fifteen competitors took to the track. Early leaders were Ryan Cudd (#11), Paul Rigda III (#43) and Greggy Long III (#38). As the laps clicked off, it was Long III getting to the point and stayed there till the checkered flew getting his first ‘feature win’ in the All American Truck series, finishing second was his father, Greg Long II (#21) who tried to get by his son, but did not get the chance to take the lead away. Third was Rigda followed by Anthony Richardson (#422) and Walt Dalrymple Jr. (#j21).
The Lipstick Ladies were up next and it was Jose Long (#55, daughter of Greg Long) making her debut on the track against multi-time champion, Amanda Clayton (#53). As the two made their laps, Long did tag the rear quarter of Clayton’s car and spun, but got it righted back and caught and passed Long. When the checkered flew, it was Amada Clayton getting the win.
The Auto City Figure 8’s were next on the schedule and after the fifteen laps were completed, it was Anthony Richardson (#422) getting the win over Paul Rigda III (#43) and Zack Lopez (#18).
The ever popular Boat Races were next and once the green flag flew, the race was on. Within the first lap, there were already competitors losing their boats (meaning they were out of the race). It looked like Anthony Richardson was going to take the win, but as he blew down the front stretch, his boat caught one of the water barrels and took it right off the chain. In turn, giving the win to the last driver with a boat attached, Chris Persails (#x75) and making it his first ever win.
The Draggin Race was now up and when the checkered waved, it was again Anthony Richardson (#422) with the win.
Next was the fifty lap Enduro. Twenty competitors took the green from a standing start and as they mixed it up, it was Paul Rigda (#43) working his way to the lead. He stay there until the finish, getting the win followed by Anthony Richardson and Zack Lopez (#18).
The Push Race was now up and as two teams battled side by side for numerous laps, both exchanging the lead, it was the team of Anthony Richardson and Justin Pepitone (#422) beating out the team of Maverick Morrow and Shane Fogarty (#87) taking the lead coming out of turn four as all four of the vehicles were slipping and power-sliding coming down the front stretch.
The Flagpole race for cars was next and it was first time winner, Will Grubbs (#96) getting his first win over Zack Lopez (#18).
The trucks Flagpole race was next and Anthony Richardson again, showed the field how it’s done with yet another win followed by Rigda III and Jason Grissom (#224).
The wild and crazy twenty lap “I-75 Race” was now up and after all the stopping and going ended, it was again, Anthony Richardson with the win.
The last race of the night was the School Bus Figure 8 race and after the ten laps were over, it was J.T. James Clayton getting the checkered.
Check out all the details on upcoming events at and “We’ll See You at the City”.

Article Credit: Randy Adam

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