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Results 7/10/2021 by Randy Adam


Auto City Speedway

Results 7/10/2021 by Randy Adam

Auto City Speedway Results 7/10/21
WOW…if you were not at Auto City Speedway this past Saturday, you missed one pretty wild and crazy show. The Muffler Man of Michigan Maximum Destruction Night had something for everyone.
The weather was just right, not too hot and not too cold. The night started off with a driver’s autograph session on the track. The fans received autographed photos, candy and more from the drivers as they strolled through the parked vehicles on the track. This was certainly the calm before the storm sorta speak. As the fans headed back to the grandstands and the drivers took their rides back to the pits, no one really knew what the night was going to hold. They knew there was going to be fireworks in the sky, but no one expected to see fireworks on the track. Also, add in it was double points night for the racing divisions.
The evening did start off with a beautiful live singing of the National Anthem by Kaylie Briggs. Then it was onto the first race of the night being the new division called the “City 6 Cylinders”. This is a new class for up and coming youths to partake in and the age range being 12 to 17 years old.
As they started out their 8 lap race, it was Emily Clayton’s #2 (with a paint scheme like Brad Keselowski’s NASCAR ride for Atlanta) getting the early jump to the lead. After a caution for a spin, the green flag flew again and it was Emily leading the way. As the laps counted down, the #95 Lightning McQueen look-a-like of Cameron Delong worked his way to the front. When the checkered flag flew, it was Delong, Clayton and Silas Mccaslin #12. Acknowledgements to Cienna Snover #32 and Layden Delong #43 as all these young men and women did a fantastic job.
Then it was onto the Lipstick Ladies division and at the end of the 8 laps, it was multi-time division champion, Amanda Clayton’s pink #53 getting the win over Kierstyn Muma #15 and Barb Boone #22 respectfully.
The 25 lap Herald Pure Stock feature was next and you could tell these drivers were ready to race, and race they did. Amanda Clayton #53 (Pure Stock) and Bruce Dunton Jr. #19 lead the field to the green. Soon as that green flag flew, the drivers were going three wide into the turns. There had to be a yellow thrown on the first lap but once the restart happened, it was literally off the races. In the early laps, it was Dunton, Chad Lamson #888, Tim Kirby #81, Andrew Burton #05, Michael Hayes #12 and James Clayton #54 all challenging for position. Lamson and Dunton did exchange the lead and were both racing hard. Around lap 10 with now Lamson leading, a caution was brought out as the #53 and #L97 of Lyssa Williams tangled on the front stretch. Another caution flew as Lamson and Andrew Burton #05 got together coming out of turn four. When they went back to green flag racing, by lap 20, it was Dunton leading the way. When they crossed the finish line, it was Bruce Dunton Jr., James Clayton and Michael Hayes finishing in that order.
The Muffler Man All American Truck series was next and with nineteen competitors for 25 laps, you knew this was going to be a good race as well. It was Jacob Zervan #03 and Zack Lopez #18 bringing them to green. Zervan jumped to the early lead followed by Lopez with the field shuffling for spots behind them. By lap 8, it was the former division champion, Josh Delong #067 getting to the top spot. As the leaders started to lap traffic, it did get a big challenging for all. Once the checkered flag flew, it was Delong followed by Lopez, Zervan, Randy Clayton Jr #25 and Paul Rigda III #43.
The sun was starting to settle a little bit more now leading into the Auto City Figure “8”race for 12 laps. With the cloud cover, it was unknown if it was a full moon or not. Eleven competitors took to the track and when the green was displayed, it was Jeff West #3w leading them around the 8. It did not take long for the top two in the point’s standings, Tony Williams #97 and Chad Lamson #888, to get to the front. By lap 6 Lamson was leading Williams with West in third. Lamson and Williams were battling fiercely with each other side by side dodging lapped traffic. Both had their expert talents being displayed, each executing both ends of the track and straightaways to their race cars fullest capacity. As the two bumped and battled nearing the final laps, Lamson did spin and Williams developed not one, but two flats on the driver’s side. This in turn did create some 'fireworks per-say' on the track. When the race was completed, it was “Turn Left [and right])” Jeff West getting his first Figure 8 feature win. As he got out and jumped on the roof of his car with excitement, both Williams, and then Lamson, as well as other drivers came over to give Jeff their congratulations on the declared win.
Now it was onto the destruction portion of the show. The ever popular 10 lap Boat Race was first up and as the vehicles and boat raced, the crowd enjoyed seeing both flagmen, Caleb and Logan, getting drenched as the water flew into the air and covered the flag-stand, not once, but at least twice. When the boats were docked, it was Darby Christensen #23 getting the win.
The 10 lap Draggin’ race was next which helped dry up the track and when it was all said and done, Scott Kinney #422 got the win.
The Push Race was set and as the teams of two took off for the 10 laps, it was the team of Gerald Persails Jr. #80 and Justin Pepitone #032 getting the win over the #067 team.
Now that the sun had settled and it was dark enough, it was Nightowl Pyrotechnics time to shine as they put on one fabulous fireworks display ending the finally with a lit up American Flag. Then it was back to the destruction.
The unique and challenging I-75 Race was on the docket next and after the 20 ‘slow and go’ laps were completed by the twenty-two competitors, it was again, Scott Kinney #422 getting the victory.
Then it was time for the Chain-Gang race and this time it was the #067 team of Josh Delong and James Rifki getting the win over Persails and Pepitone.
The Flag Pole race was now up and nineteen drivers gave it their best. As the challenge of getting around the tire (flag pole simulation), it was Justin Pepitone #032 getting the top spot.
The 40 lap Enduro was set and ready to go and the twenty-nine competitors made it a fun show for sure. When the checkered flag flew, it was James Rifki #77 followed by Josh Delong in his Max D truck #067.
The School Bus figure 8 was the next to last race and as the buses ‘bump drafted’ and had many close calls at the “X”, it was James Clayton getting the win driving the Bond of Brothers tribute bus.
The Trailer Figure 8 race ended the night and at the end of the 10 laps, it was Josh Delong #067 getting the win.
Jabobi Motorsports did supply Monster Bus and Monster Truck rides before and after the show to the fans delight.
Next Saturday, July 17th, it will be “Christmas in July” with Santa Claus making a visit. Check out all the details on upcoming events at and “We’ll See You at the City”.

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