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Auto City Speedway Results 9-29-18
The 2018 Auto City Speedway season ended with a Maximum Destruction Halloween Candy-rama and autograph night. Even with a chill in the air, it was a fun filled night for all. The autograph session started the evening with kids and adults dressed in Halloween costumes heading out onto the front stretch to meet the drivers and get loads of candy. The session rounded off just before 7:00pm as that was the start of the MAX D.
After the invocation and national anthem, it was time for the night to begin. The first race up was the Chain Gang race and with fifteen competitors (30 vehicles), it was a wild start. The three teams of Justin Pepitone #948 Gerald Persails #80, Maverick Marrow #57 - Tim Hurrell #57 and Josh Delong #067 - Chuck Delong #067 were all leading the way in a heated battle, but after the 12 laps were over, it was Maverick Marrow and Tim Hurrell taking the checkered flag with Pepitone - Persails second and team Delong in the third spot.
The new I-75 race was next and with twenty five competitors and two school buses on the track creating some traffic jams (you cannot pass the buses when they have their “stop flashers” on) and a very interesting finish as when the 20 laps were over, one of the buses was coming down the front stretch with its lights on as it approached the finish line. Well, that ended up creating a tie between Paul Rigda’s #43 truck and Jim Miller Sr.’s (you read that right, Sr.) #K9 truck for the win.
Forty competitors started the ten lap Flag Pole race. Josh Delong #067 took an early lead and looked like he was going to get a win. But as the traffic got thick in around the tire (simulated flag pole), it was Scott Arden #51 getting by Josh to take the win.
The twelve lap Push race was on the schedule next and it did not disappoint either. The team of Persails Jr.- Pepitone got out to an early lead being pursued by team Delong, but as the #067 team was headed down the front stretch, they got loose and Chuck Delong spun into the front stretch wall (he was being pushed) and creating a red flag. Once the race was back to green, Gerald Persails Jr. #80 and Justin Pepitone #948 came home the winners. Upon leaving to head back to the pits after photos, Pepitone did a massive burn out pushing Persails Jr. all down the front stretch tires billowing smoke the whole way.
Then the wild and wooly Enduro race was up now and it was increased by ten laps, making the total a sixty lap Enduro. Forty seven vehicles started this race and it got busy real fast. Maverick Morrow’s #57 truck was the early leader, followed by Jim Miller Sr. K9 and Josh Delong #067. As the attrition wore on, the #57 truck slowed and ended up dropping out. Miller Sr. had some traffic issues and when the checkered flag was flying, it was Josh Delong #067 truck getting the win with his passenger’s side rear fender falling off and dragging. Josh too decided to do his traditional victory donuts making sure there was plenty of smoke to show he was the winner.
The skid cars came out for their six lap race and with seven vehicles trying to finesse their way around the track, it was the veteran driver of this race, Shane Fogarty #87 getting yet another win. Shane was not going to be outdone as he ended up doing a multiple cyclone burnout as well.
The Figure Eight School Bus was now up and with ten laps to get it done, Paul Rigda III took his first ever win in a Figure Eight School Bus race.
Then Mother Nature thought to let us know she was there and decided to give a little rain shower. Well it was just enough rain to keep the dust down as it came in quickly and left within 10 minutes. That was not going to stop the Trailer Figure Eight race by any means. The eighteen trailer towing vehicles entered the track and lined up for the ten lap race. As the green flew, so did the drivers. Trailers were being struck from the second lap and every one after. The carnage played havoc for many drivers plus the slick track from the rain. But it was Josh Delong #067 truck working his way to the front even though his trailer was blasted at the intersection one time (items on the trailer went flying, but his trailer stayed attached). Coming down to the last lap Gerald Persails Jr. #800 got up to Delong, but could not make the pass giving yet another win to Josh Delong to end the night.
The 2018 season was exciting and full of fun for everyone. Even though it was sad to end the year, plans are already in place and being scheduled for 2019 with opening night on April 27th with a Maximum Destruction Act I. 
The 2018 Championship Awards Banquet will be held Oct. 14th and is open to the public. Ticket information is available through the website ( or by contacting the track.
We want to sincerely thank all the drivers, crews, families, staff, sponsors and mostly the fans for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you all next season. Enjoy the holidays and we’ll “See you at the City…next year”.
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