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RESULTS 5/27/2017


Auto City Speedway

RESULTS 5/27/2017

Well, the 2017 season is underway as the second Maximum Destruction was held this past Saturday at Auto City Outdoor Event Center.
The weather was just right, the fans packed the stands, the competitors packed the pits and Megasaurus did not disappoint. It was a perfect recipe for a night of racing and destruction.
Fast times went to Chad Lamson (#888) in the Herald Pure Stocks and Josh Delong (#067) in the All American Truck series.
As the Memorial Day weekend night started off with a moment of silence for the fallen heroes and a live singing of the National Anthem, the stage was set.
First up was the Herald Pure Stock feature race. There was an eight car inversion for the fast qualifier and the competition was stout and eager to go. Bree Norfleet (#1) and Bruce Dunton (#19) were on the front row coming to the green flag. Bruce took the early lead as the rest shuffled behind him. Once the pack settled in, it was the past two years champion’s Randy Clayton Jr. (#54) and Josh Delong (#067) and the fast qualifier and points leader Chad Lamson that were up front battling for the lead. As the laps wound down, Chad Lamson and Randy Clayton Jr. were side by side battling each lap. When the checkered flag dropped, it was Chad Lamson taking the win over Randy Clayton Jr., Josh Delong was third, Bruce Dutton forth and with his highest finish yet, Tim Shann (#22) finishing in fifth. This was Chad’s second feature win this year and extending his points lead.
The new All American Truck Series was up next and two of the trucks took off to battle for the lead, Josh Delong (#067) and Jimmy Bass (#116). For the last few laps, Josh had the edge with Jimmy trying to get around him every lap. When they were headed out of turn four Jimmy did get the edge and took the win with Josh finishing second.
The ladies hit the track next in the Powder Puff division and as they all were getting into the feel of racing, it was Mindy Foy (#81f) leading the pack and taking her first checkered flag.
The Auto City Figure 8’s were next on the schedule for the first time this year and with some of the racers dropping out due to attrition, it was last year’s champion Chad Lamson taking the win followed by Tim Shann (#22) and Anthony Richardson (#422) finishing third.
It was the popular boat races that were up for the fans to enjoy next. There were plenty of vehicles pulling boats for this race and as the water flew into the air and stands, as the boats start to fall off their tow vehicles and the water settled and everything stopped, it was Brent Mars (#27) taking home his first checkered flag.
Then the draggin race was on the agenda which had long time destruction driver Donald Dennie (#102) keeping his tires attached and taking the win.
The chain gang race was next and did not disappoint either. There was plenty of action at every point of the track, but two competitors were battling it out. The #948 pulling the #3 leading the #116 team, coming out of turn four, the #948 & #3 became disconnected and the win went to Jimmy Bass and Danny Smith in the #116 team.
The push race was on the schedule next. Again, there was lots of action everywhere and not a dull moment at all. When the dust settled, it was the team of Josh Delong and Randy Clayton Jr. (team #067) bring home the win.
Fifty two vehicles started the 50 lap Enduro race and within the first lap, the red flag had to be displayed to get a few of the competitors out of harm’s way due to the chaos that was happening. When the green was dropped, everyone was all in. The leader being the #106 seemed to have the race won, but ended up spinning in turn one giving the lead to the familiar #067 and Josh Delong who ended up winning the Enduro. Josh certainly seems to have his black truck tuned in for Auto City as he is always a contender and seems to also be in victory lane often.
Then it was the fire breathing, car eating monster, Megasaurus. He came out and wowed the crowd to the fullest eating and burning a Buick beyond recognition.
With the lights out, the skid car race started with all the cars throwing sparks. The previous winner from past years who knows how to finesse his #87 around the ¼ mile ended up winning again, that being Shane Fogarty.
The ever popular school bus figure eight was up next and as the Herald bus took off with the lead, there were three wide racing with the others. Being that the Herald bus took off, he had some close calls at the X and had the back two wheels of the bus off the ground at each turn almost tipping over (which he did last time out). But Donald Dennie wheeled the Herald bus home for the win.
Last but not least was the trailer figure eight race and as the trailers, parts and dust flew, it was again the #067 of Josh Delong taking the win. But as the last lap was finishing, the compact of the #88 pulling a 16’ boat ended up hitting a loose trailer and drove straight into the front stretch wall and the boat becoming dislodged and actually went halfway up the roof and slid back down. The driver was ok, but the fans sitting there certainly got an eye full for the ending.
Next week, Saturday, June 3rd, the NTAS Top Speed Modifieds will be racing as well as the Herald Pure stocks with two 20 lap features, the All American Truck series, the Auto City figure 8’s and the Kiddie Stocks. Racing starts at 7:00pm. 
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