Tickets/Race Day Events

Tickets/ Race Day Events
Ticket Prices

Tickets are available at the racetrack the day of the race. Special event advance ticket sales are available by calling the Auto City OEC Office (810) 686-9500 during weekday business hours. We accept Visa and MasterCard.
$2.00 transaction fee on all credit card usage   Minimum credit card transaction is $10.00

Adults Pit prices are $30.00. Kids 12-6 $15.00 and kids 5 and under FREE!! We truly hope this has helped family stay together while racing. Also prices at the front gate will be… Adults will pay $15-16. (Special events $18-22.) (Depending on the event). ..Seniors- (62 & older) & Military (w/ military ID) $13.00 and kids 12-6-$1.00 and 5 and under FREE!! Maximum Destruction Shows; kids 12 and under will always be FREE. And all Military in uniform will get in FREE!


ALL Minors 17 and under that will be purchasing a PIT PASS or a DRIVER PASS must have a COMPLETED minor release and copy of birth certificate or State ID/Drivers License number on file with the track in order to compete. Please note: Minors need to have a new form filled out for each new season. Minor Releases must be signed by BOTH parents/guardians and BOTH signatures must be either NOTARIZED or WITNESSED BY AN AUTHORIZED TRACK OFFICIAL in order for it to be valid for the 2021 season. The only exception is if one parent is deceased or one parent has full custody (This Needs to be noted on the release or we will consider it not valid). If only one parent has signed the release, it will ONLY BE VALID for the race night THAT IT IS RECEIVED.

Both Parents &/ or Legal Guardians must sign waive for any minor in the pits)
Changes to our pit prices were made to keep the family unit together…               For Group/Fundraising Events, call (810) 686-9500

Rates Season Camping Free no hook-ups

Regular event weekend Free

Special event weekend (could vary)

After 4 events we consider it to be a completed night……………..
RAIN CHECKS ARE NOT GIVEN AFTER THE FOURTH EVENT OF THE NIGHT. In the event of a rain ticket- it is worth what you paid for it. 
No cash will be given back / some rainouts events will be rescheduled. NO REFUNDS- TICKET WILL BE HONORED AT NEXT SCHEDULED EVENT
The safety of our Racers, spectators, staff and volunteers is our primary concern. In the event of inclement weather, every attempt will be made to preserve the safety of everyone involved, and complete the race as scheduled.
In the event of rain the event will not be cancelled due to rain alone. Race officials reserve the right to delay or shorten the race based on heavy rain. In the event of severe weather ( temperatures, lightning, tornado, high winds). If there is more than a reasonable delay, or if conditions persist, race officials reserve the right to shorten or cancel the race. Participants should seek safe shelter should severe weather develop during the race.

Lightning Strikes-

In the event of a Lightning Strike within 8 miles of the facility please follow the direction of track officials.  It is possible that Activities may be suspended for 30 minutes or canceled due to Lightning.  

Please check our website, Facebook Page sign up for before the race for any changes or cancellations. If you are already at the event, listen to the announcer about any weather changes that may occur. Entry fees will not be refunded in the event the race is cancelled. Every attempt to reschedule will be made.

Auto City Group Ticket Sales
25-50—— $3.00 off per ticket
51-100—–$4.00 off per ticket
101-200—-$5.00 off per ticket
210& up—-$6.00 off per ticket
Group are priced at adult only tickets and only advanced (paid) sales.
Call to reserve your group today at 810-686-6500
or E-mail for more information at