Test N Tune Thursday May 28th

Test N Tune Thursday May 28th

Test N Tune May 28th-drift cars only  2 sessions

Based on expectations that CDC guidelines of gathering have been met by the Michigan region as set forth on April 16th by the President’s Taskforce, we are preparing to move forward, to allow for outdoor sporting venues with strict social distancing on May 21st practice (Test N Tune). And continue hoping to resume racing shows by sometime this summer. We have conducted discussions with the local officials and have hopefully worked together to meet a safe standard as set forth by the Federal guidelines. Of course, as with the weather in Spring, everything is subject to change until practice day.

ATTENTION DRIVERS: We will be allowing up to 10 cars for 2 separate private practice sessions on Thursday May 28th. There will be strict rules and guidelines so please pay attention. This will be a reserved practice only – you will need to RSVP via email to sfischer54@aol.com or call 810-252-4533. There will be no admission for teams not pre-approved & paid in advance, for the time slot. Please RSVP with Name, Car # and Phone number. Prepay info will be taken on the phone when request is made within 48 hours. Credit card sales only.

No Race cars allowed at this date. Next Week

Below are the guidelines:
1. Auto City Speedway requires anyone feeling any symptoms of illness to stay home, do not attend!   We may instill temperature checking and we are requiring facial coverings (mask that cover your mouth and nose) for all that attend.

  1. This is a closed practice and the pits are the only part of the facility that will be open.
  2. There is a maximum of 10 race cars and are only allowed 3 people total, per car. You will be required to have a approx. 1,000 ft safe space – This basically means that you will have to keep 2 open spots next to you on both sides of where you park. (We have the entire pit area to socially spread out)

4.. Each team must stay in their area and must use social distancing maintaining 6-8 feet apart from others whenever possible

  1. There will not be any personal vehicles allowed in the parking area where there are race cars.
  2. No more than 3 people per race team. That includes the driver. Cost is $100 per team. (1-3) people. No one under the age of 12 will be allowed in the pit for these sessions

Please note that we will be enforcing these rules in a strict manner. Do not try to take advantage of the rules and ruin it for everyone.

There is a maximum of 10 race teams per session. Practice session (1) will be held from 2pm to 4pm. Practice session (2) will be held from 5pm-7pm. No teams or individuals that are not pre-cleared will be allowed entry. Pit will open up at 1:30pm… Practice will start at 2pm… everyone must be out of the pit by 4:30 unless you are staying (advance reserved) for session (2). Session (2)  will be allowed in after all are out of session before them. No one will be allowed to stand in the pit track entrance…anyone wanting to watch, must watch from the pit grandstands and social distance.

Timing is planned to be active for multiple practice laps in each 2-hour session. We have fuel. We will not be selling tires at this time.

Reminder – attendance is purely voluntary. No different from any other event, pit waivers will be mandatory. They can be found on the web-site also with a Covid-19 release that must be signed. We will hand you a pit ban, you must put it on, yourself. Please bring your own PEN for waiver signage, in case you have to sign any releases that you haven’t already sent in.

There will be no fans in the general stands and no food/concessions. Portable bathroom with hand sanitizer will be available. DO NOT LITTER, don’t expect someone else to pick up your trash. We know some of these rules seem a little much… but for your safety, our safety and the people working, you WILL be required to adhere.

Auto City has local approved Covid-19 controlled area.

We don’t think people will not adhere, but if you get a warning, 2nd warning will be removal off premise.

Thank you for your cooperation, and your needed support.

Track promoter Joe DeWitte will make himself available by phone at (248) 505-7001




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