Results May 26th

Results May 26th

The Memorial Day Weekend Maximum Destruction Show at Auto City Speedway, this past Saturday, had something for everyone. While the night started out with warm temps, sunshine and a carnival that had been there since Thursday…that was not necessarily how the night was going to end.

As the crowd started their way in through the gates with anticipation of racing, destruction and seeing Transaurus, the evening was set.

The Herald Pure Stocks started with qualifying first. Earlier, during hot laps, two top competitors ended up with mechanical issues. Josh Delong in the #067 had motor problems, but not near as bad as Bruce Dutton Jr. did in his #19, as his motor blew big time with a huge plume of smoke flowing from his car. There also were a few new competitors making it a field of eighteen cars.

Once qualifying was completed, it was veteran driver and previous Street Stock Champion, Jim Miller Jr., with a fast time of 16.33 in his brand new #9 car.

Before getting into the racing program, the pre-race ceremony started out with a moment of silence, Taps and the National Anthem.

The Lipstick Ladies division was first on the schedule and they were ready to race. When the green flag dropped, it was past Powder Puff Champion, Amanda Clayton in the #948, jumping to an early lead and never looking back to take the first win of the night.

The Herald Pure Stocks were up next for their 25 lap feature. Bree Norfleet was sportsman enough to loan her car #1 to Bruce Dutton Jr., so that he could compete, being his car was unable to make it. Josh Delong did not make it back out for the feature and was a scratch.

There was an invert for the race and Jim Miller Jr. was starting in the eighth position. As the field came down for the green flag, the race was on. Michael Hayes #12, took the early lead and looked like he could have been on his way to a victory, but as the field shuffled out he had some serious competition. In the early laps, a slower car ran close to Jim Miller Jr., resulting in a cut right front and the yellow flag was displayed. Jim had three laps to get the tire changed and back out. He did so and started at the back of the pack. When they were back to green flag racing, it was Michael Hayes, J. T. James Clayton #54, and Chad Lamson #888 all battling for the lead. Once the laps started to wind down, it was that #9 car weaving his way to through the field and getting up into the top three to battle. In fact, the last few laps saw the top three go three wide many times battling. When the checkered flag flew, it as fast qualifier, Jim Miller Jr. taking the win followed by the #888 of Chad Lamson, #54 James Clayton, #12 Michael Hayes and the #71 of Tom Logie.

The ever popular boat races were next and with the warm temps and sunshine, it was just what the crowd was looking forward to. As the boats started from their standing start for the ten laps, it did not take long for the action to begin. In the early laps, Alic Bowen in his freshly painted #613 truck got tangled with another competitor and ended up getting turned around and his truck ended up flipping onto its side, driver’s side down. The red flag came out and the crowd had a silent hush until Alic popped out of the passengers’ window with helmet on and all. As he pulled himself out, the crowd cheered, but Alic was frustrated as once his helmet was off, he took a seat on the passengers’ door, truck still on its side. He was OK and was taken back to the pits. So the race was back on and as the water flew through the air and boats became dislodged, it was a two way battle between the truck of Justin Martin #08 and the #21 truck of Greg Long. As those two battled side by side, attrition was taking its toll on the competitors and it was a two truck race. As they exchanged the lead numerous times, the crowd was cheering. It was Justin taking the white flag looking for the win, but Greg was not having it. As they came out of turn four side by side, Greg was willing to drive over large boat debris on the track in order to take his first win ever besides in a bus.

The Draggin race was next to help dry off and clean up the track. With seventeen competitors, it was going to be challenging for all in the scheduled ten laps. With drivers having some issues spinning out and losing tires, it was first time winner Nick DeBoer in his Silver Streak #74 taking the checkered flag, with challenges from the hard charging #23 of Darby Christensen.

So this set the stage for the Chain Gang race, fifteen teams equaling thirty vehicles were starting the twelve lap race. This race was fast and furious and action packed. As the teams spun, became disconnected and tried to figure out the best way to get around, it was Josh Delong in his #067 truck towing his partner, who happened to be his dad, Chuck, battling it out with the #948 of Justin Pepitone and #80 of Gerald Persails Jr. Going into turn three and coming out of turn four, the #948/80 got caught up with a lapped team. This resulted in the #J03 of Dillon Eaton, who was towing the #J03 of Ashley Patterson, to get squirrely, causing Ashley to go wheels up (in other words, her truck got flipped onto its roof). Ashley unbelted herself and climbed out smiling and “high-fiving” folks and giving Dillon a huge hug. The one noted bit of information is, it was Ashley’s first time doing anything like this and her first time in a race car. Of course the red flag was displayed to get her truck off the track (hubcaps still on and all). As the forklift took it to the pits still upside down, it was time to get back to racing. When it was all said and done, it was Josh and his dad Chuck taking the checkers.

With the sun going behind the storm front that was forming, it was time for the fire breathing, car eating monster Transaurus, to awaken and make his appearance. After destroying a car on the infield and leaving it a burning heap, he made his way back to the pits to return another day.

The Push Car race was next on the schedule and for the seventeen teams (thirty-four vehicles) for twelve laps, it was wild. As the chaos ensued, with action all over the track, the red flag flew due to Brad Reseigh #7 truck, pushing Jason Grissom #224 car, into the front stretch wall due to a front right tire coming off of Jason’s car. Jason did get out on his own and was OK. With the race going back to green, it was the team of #24 T.J. Hurrell and #57 Maverick Morrow taking the win.

As the officials were trying to get the next race lined up, while checking the radar, Mother Nature decided to show up with a vengeance and threw some intense lightning around and a major threat of thunderstorms. So for the safety of all the fans, crews, drivers and staff, the races were called.

With the unexpected ending, all were wondering how the rest of the night would have ended up, as there was a contest for the best decorated trailer for the Trailer Figure 8 race and more. We will all have to wait to find out.

So it is on to the next race event, Saturday, June 2nd, MARDI GRAS Night including the ICAR ALL-STAR Modified Tour – “WIND BLOWER 50”, Herald Pure Stocks, Auto City Figure 8’s and the All American Truck Series.

For more information go to and we’ll see you At The City!

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